Active Volunteers

Resources for Active Volunteers

The following is a list of resources, frequently asked questions, and forms for ACTIVE and REGISTERED UCLA Health Sciences Volunteers (and UCLA SRP Students if applicable):

  • Volunteer Login/Dashboard:
    • All volunteers are required to keep track of their status via the Samaritan Volunteer Login/Dashboard. Your login is the email address you provided to us. All volunteers in all of our UCLA Health and Health Sciences volunteer programs use the same login. 
    • Website:
    • For technical issues, please see our FAQ
    • Definitions:
  • Contact Information:
  • Orientation Information Refresher:
    • If you forgot your orientation information during your Final Session Orientation, you can still visit our website to refresh yourself so you know our policies and guidelines for volunteers and SRP students in the program.
  • Volunteer Sign-In Sheet
    • If you are missing any hours (date of service must be within 3 months or AFTER your clearance date), please complete the Sign-In sheet and send it via email to your designated Volunteer Program Coordinator.
    • If you cannot obtain a signature (electronic suffices), then you may copy your supervisor to the email when sending to the Coordinator. 
  • Personal Device Usage/Remote Duties
    • Please ensure that you completed the Volunteer Personal Device Form in order to use your personal device for some of your volunteer duties.
      • Remember, remote volunteering is not permitted during normal operations, only certain remote duties are permitted with Volunteer Office approval. 
    • Please ensure that you are using your personal device within appropriate Volunteer/SRP Guidelines for UCLA Health Sciences Remote Duties.
    • Other accesses guidelines can be found here: Remote Volunteer Guidelines
    • Remote Volunteering is only permitted as part of a hybrid schedule in which you plan to be onsite and remote (volunteers may not be completely remote). 
  • Leave of Absences (LOA)
    • LOAs can be placed for an excusable leave for a duration of 90-120 days in which once you return, you do not need to re-complete the clearance process.
    • You do not need to let the Volunteer Office know why you are leaving, however, your supervisors may want to know and must approve your 90-120 days leave before contacting the Volunteer Office to place it.
    • For UCLA Health Sciences only: You do not need to return your badge when going on LOA, however, you are not permitted to use your badge for any other purposes (unless you are active in another volunteer program) and you must let us know when you have returned to change your status back. 
    • Please request an LOA on your volunteer status via your Volunteer Compliance Dashboard in the left hand side called "Request Leave". 
  • Updating Compliance Requirements
    • TB requirements (Clinical Volunteers Only): Complete your TB test update step via the Volunteer Compliance Dashboard. Verification is required if you need to upload a new TB test before we can update your compliance status. 
    • Annual Trainings: Please complete the online annual trainings via the Volunteer Compliance Dashboard. 
    • Assignment Update: Your inviting supervisor is responsible to update your Scope of Duties form if anything changes regarding your role or access. 
  • Other Volunteer Hours Opportunities
    • Blood Donations are still needed at UCLA Health, if you would like to donate blood, please visit our webpage:
      • Bonus service hours: 6 hours for Blood, 12 hours for Platelet
  • Lost Volunteer ID Badge
    • Please contact your designated Volunteer Program Coordinator. Your lost or stolen badge must be reported for security purposes and we will be able to issue you a new one (note: a 23.50$ replacement fee must be paid first at the Ronald Reagan Medical Center Cashier Office next to the Gift Shop before a badge can be obtained). 
  • Off-Boarding Instructions
    • To Off-Board, please submit an "Exit Request" via your Volunteer Compliance Dashboard in the left hand side. 
    • You must return your Volunteer ID badge to officially off-board as a volunteer, do not forget to notify our coordinators if you are planning to continue volunteering in another program.

For any additional questions NOT listed in our FAQs, please contact the UCLA Health Sciences Volunteer Office.