Care Compliments

Huizhen W.

Huizhen (Jane) is the best nurse (RN) anyone could hope for. My husband has had a long complicated recovery from kidney transplant surgery, and Jane has been assigned to us several times. She's so friendly, professional, knowledgeable and we feel full confidence when she's assigned to us. Thanks Jane, for all you do.

By: Linda B.

Marci K.

Just wanted to thank Marci for her very professional care and concern during my husband's (Leonardo) 2 admissions related to his kidney transplant. Marci has been awesome, knowledgeable, concerned about both of us (I stayed in the room the whole time). Marci provided all kinds of valuable info and services, that were so helpful. I don't have enough words to portray our gratitude for her calm presence and her involvement in my husband's care. She's everything that a person hopes will be involved in their care. Thanks Marci.

By: Linda B.

Jeffrey V.

Dr. Veale is the most caring and concerned doctor I've ever met. I felt he had my husband's (Leonardo) best interests at heart, for the kidney transplant and beyond, when some complications developed. He explained everything so we could understand, visited regularly during recovery and kept up with my husband's stats. We expect to be seeing more of him, once my husband is discharged and we begin the clinic care journey, as there are still a couple surgical issues to be finally resolved; we have full trust in Dr. Veale, and feel he's everything a patient prays their surgeon/doctor will be. I'm grateful. Kidney transplant is quite a journey, and Dr. Veale has made it easier all the way.

By: Linda B.

Maria M.

Just wanted to send a big thank you to/for Maria Medina. She's been assigned to us (my husband is the patient, Leonardo Binns) a few times during our 2 admissions for his kidney transplant. She is awesome, caring, professional, friendly, responsive and very knowledgeable. She remembers what preferences are. She's everything that a person hopes their care provider will be, and I'm grateful that she was assigned to work with us.

By: Linda B.

Corrina K.

Corrina is one of the best nurses i have ever had. Attentive to every one of my needs, she would anticipate issues and explain them or quickly move on to minimize any discomfort or anxiety that I might feel. She was kind, caring and her incredibly patient. She really does exemplify the best of UCLA care.

By: Jessica F.

Lauren L.

She is an amazing nurse. Very kind and compassionate. We need more nurses like her

By: Lanie S.

Stephanie B.

By taking the time on a weekend to answer my call, dr. bui saved me from an emergency room visit when I was out of town. So grateful for the kind and responsive urgent care. Thanks!!

By: Susan H.

Myroslav F.

Thank you so much for the wonderful care I received during my recent cervical spine surgery. The treatment and care I received was truly excellent and much appreciated.

By: Dan R.

Irene S.

Dr. Say,
Thank you so much for your wonderful care during my (first) surgery. Your care and communication are are greatly appreciated . I can't thank you and the team enough.

By: Dan R.

Soban U.

Thank you so much for your wonderful care during my (first) surgery . Wionserful care and a wonderful team

By: Dan R.

Dorthea H.

Thank you and your team for such wonderful care during my cervical surgery. This was my first surgical experience and I can't imagine it going any better. Thank you for such wonderful care.

By: Daniel R.

Anelo C.

Thank you so
Much for your wonderful care and great sense of humor during my cervical laminoplasty. This was my first surgery and iI can't imagine it going any better of having a better team. A million thanks!

By: Dan R.

Entire N.

Extremely knowledgeable, professional, great bedside and educational. They are attentive and great attitudes.

By: Sal S.

Laleh J.

My family and I were really pleased with Dr Laleh Jalilian as our mom's anesthesiologist and the great care that she provided when she took care of my mom for her recent surgery. We all felt very relieved and reassured when she spoke to us in the preop area, and she came and checked in on my mom after her surgery in the recovery area and spoke with us and with her surgeon. My mom had zero pain after her surgery and was really comfortable. She is also very sick, has multiple medical issues, and has had surgeries before, and we were all very worried about her. My mom felt very good after her surgery this time though thanks to Dr Jalilian. We thought Dr Jalilian was a very thorough doctor who took time to focus on small details. Thank you so much!

By: Behnoosh D.

Golnaz A.

Dr Golnaz Alemzadeh was my anesthesiologist for my surgery. I was really nervous, and she really alleviated my fears in the preoperative area. She was very patient and knowledgeable and I felt I could really trust her as my anesthesiologist. I'm happy there are such great doctors like her at UCLA.

By: Leila K.

Eugenia Y.

Exceptional care indeed I receceived during my stay at RR Medical Hospital from Eugenia Yu, RN. She was more gracious, friendly, professional, and helpful. She gave me excellent nursing care. UCLA should be so proud to have her.

By: Arun R.

Anusha K.

Dr. Anusha Kalbasi provided calm, thorough, detailed explanations of prognosis and procedures while I was his patient at Penn. Three years later, I am thrilled to see he's continuing his research and sharing his expertise at UCLA. Thank you so very much for your exceptional kindness and professional knowledge.

By: Nancy K.

David S.

I have come to know Dr David Sarraf fairly well over the past couple of years. To my good fortune, he happens to be in a class by himself in the study of an uncommon retinal condition I have been diagnosed with. My medical situation requires a true researcher/scientist/optimistic partner to be able to navigate through the process of keeping my condition in check, and Dr Sarraf happened to be the best in the field. In almost equal importance, I share everyone's respect for his warmth, concern and professionalism that also makes him a favorite among his colleagues, as well as his patients. I could not be more appreciative of having the relationship I have with this first class doctor and best friend to all of his patients. Thanks, Dr Sarraf.

By: bruce M.

Eugenia Y.

Eugenia Yu is a compassionate and hardworking nurse. She is very attentive to her patient. She treated me as if I was family. I assume she treats all of her patients like that because her interest in patient wellness is the very definition of a nurse that every patient could wish for.
I think UCLA Ronald Reagan hospital should be proud of her, Eugenia, and other nurses like her.

By: Yaw A.

Celeste M.

Nurse Celeste was very caring to our son. She went above and beyond with our son. She answered all our questions and reassured us every single time we needed it. Nurses do so much for the patients, but Celeste did even more. She comb and washed my sons hair. We loved her!

By: Erika F.

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