We are currently enrolling patients for the following studies:

The longitudinal normative study 
This study requires a 5-year commitment from normal individuals with normal eyes. The goal is to determine the sensitivity/specificity and accuracy of methods being developed within our lab for detection of disease worsening in glaucoma patients.

The Advanced Glaucoma Progression Study 2
Our lab was recently funded by the NIH to enroll a second group of glaucoma patients with advanced or central damage at baseline to be followed for 5 years. If you have no other ocular disease other than glaucoma and were diagnosed with open-angle or primary angle closure glaucoma and have good vision, you may be eligible for enrollment. Study patients will be examined every 6 months after baseline and will undergo a battery of tests, most of which are normally used for standard care of glaucoma.

OCT angiography studies
OCT angiographyis the newest development in OCT technology. There is some early evidence that this technique may be very useful to better understand mechanisms of glaucoma damage and possibly contribute to earlier detection of glaucomatous damage at the level of the optic nerve or central retina. Normal subjects and glaucoma patients are sought. 

***You don’t need to be a patient at Stein Eye Institute to be enrolled in the clinical studies.