Laryngeal Dynamics Laboratory - UCLA Head and Neck Surgery

Under the direction of Dr. Berry, the Laryngeal Dynamics Laboratory utilizes excised larynx and physical and computational models of vocal fold vibration to systematically study the basic processes of phonation. A better understanding of the mechanisms of irregular vocal fold vibration, especially in terms of a simple, low-dimensional dynamical system, facilitates the development of improved treatment options for patients with voice disorders.

This laboratory is known for its study of the medial surface dynamics of the vocal folds using stereoscopic, high-speed imaging. Drs. Zhang and Neubauer are using high-speed, stereoscopic particle imaging velocimetry (PIV) to study the complex air patterns that emanate from the glottis during both regular and irregular phonation. The glottal airflow measurements performed in this laboratory are currently clarifying and challenging basic theories of voice production.

Current Projects

Medial Surface Dynamics of the Vocal Folds

Funding Source: NIH/NIDCD Grant no. R01 DC3072


  • Principal Investigator:  Dr. David A. Berry, UCLA
  • Consultants: Dr. Gerald S. Berke, UCLA; Dr. Bruce R. Gerratt, UCLA
  • Investigators: Dr. Zhaoyan Zhang, UCLA; Dr. Juergen Neubauer, UCLA; Dr. Dinesh K. Chhetri, UCLA, Dr. Jennifer Long, UCLA
  • International Collaborators: Dr. Michael Doellinger, University of Erlangen, Germany

Recent Publications

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Contact Information

David A. Berry, PhD  
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Phone: (310) 206-5043
Fax:  (310) 825-0969

Gerald S. Berke: [email protected]
Dinesh K. Chhetri: [email protected]
Bruce R. Gerratt: [email protected]
Juergen Neubauer: [email protected]
Zhaoyan Zhang: [email protected]