Interdisciplinary Training Program in Metabolism T32


The goal of the UCLA Interdisciplinary Training Program in Metabolism (ITPM) is to train the next generation of investigators who will advance prevention, treatment, and clinical care for metabolism-related diseases. The UCLA-ITPM seeks to support and train 6 scientists for a 2-year appointment. Research training will be supported by a core curriculum in metabolism and disease pathobiology, grant writing, ethics, and strategies for successful transition to independence. The UCLA-ITPM is grounded in a collaborative ethos across scientific disciplines that promotes unique training and educational opportunities. Mentored research opportunities span basic and mechanistic investigation and translational studies in humans, including 4 areas of research focus: Integrative Metabolism, Endocrine Action, and Systems Biology; Metabolic Tissue Phenotypes and Communication Axes/Organelle Biology; Signal Transduction and Energetics; and Cellular Systems and Intermediary Metabolism

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Melissa Carrillo - ITMP Coordinator [email protected]
Andrea Hevener, PhD [email protected]