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IA for Diabetes Type 1 pages - https://www.uclahealth.org/medical-services/endocrinology/diabetes/type-1-diabetes

  1. What is type 1 Diabetes
  2. Treatment   (add anchors to each section of the page)
    -Insulin introduction
    -Insulin action
    -Injection instructions (see as ink.techniques - IV)
    -Insulin storage
  3. Technologies- pump, sensor, closed loop & Blood glucose monitoring together as in section “C” page 9 of word doc.
    Add videos done by Dr. Gupta.
    Add anchors to each section of the page.
    --Insulin Pump
    --Glucose Meter
    —-Supplies you will use ( add video)
    -—Troubleshooting tips for the Glucose meter
    —-Error message
  4. Hypoglycemia
  5. Hyperglycemia
  6. Sick day plan
  7. Exercise guidelines
  8. Colonoscopy preparation
  9. Travel tips
    -Travel with insulin pump
    -Insulin timing adjustment