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You receive customized, exceptional diabetes treatment and education in a caring environment. Call 310-825-7922 to connect with a diabetes specialist.

Our team of expert physicians and educators strive to provide the best care for all patients living with diabetes mellitus. We are adept in the newest of technologies and medications yet are also aware of that each person living with diabetes has individual needs.

We serve clinics throughout the Los Angeles area and provide the following care to our patients living with diabetes:

  • Individualized plans for all types of diabetes, including type 1, type 2 and pregnancy
  • High-quality diabetes education via certified diabetes educators
  • Training and care for patients using insulin pumps
  • Training on the use of continuous glucose monitoring systems (CGM)
  • Analysis of continuous glucose monitoring systems (CGM)
  • Pre- and post-transplantation diabetes care
  • Alignment with other medical specialties, including ophthalmology, nephrology, podiatry and vascular surgery
  • Support and education in group formats in type 1 and type 2 diabetes

To schedule an appointment, please contact one of our offices convenient to you.