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Integrative medicine approaches in the care of diabetes

The Gonda Diabetes Center in Santa Monica is excited to offer a complementary, alternative, and integrative medicine approach to the treatment of diabetes.  By addressing psychosocial concerns and discussing mind-body stress relief techniques, we aim to compliment offerings to our patient centered approach to diabetes care.

Dr. Rashmi Mullur, board certified in endocrinology and integrative medicine, is leading the effort in introducing integrative techniques to patients living with diabetes. Dr. Mullur is an established researcher in integrative medicine; she has published on the benefits of using mind-body healing techniques in diabetes. She now offers patient education and counseling on biofeedback, yoga, acupressure, and mindfulness in UCLA clinics. In addition, Dr. Mullur can provide consultation on the use of supplements and herbal treatments in diabetes care.

For more information on current classes and individual integrative medicine appointments, please call our Gonda (Goldschmied) Diabetes Center in Santa Monica.

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