2nd Annual UCLA-Mellinkoff GI Symposium March 7-9, 2014

Probiotics in GI Disease

Kirsten Tillisch, MD, UCLA

Fecal Microbial Transplant

Eric Esrailian, MD, MPH, UCLA

Treatment Paradigms for Resistant H. Pylori

Daniel Z. Uslan, MD, UCLA

Treating Complications of Cirrhosis

Steven-Huy Han, MD, UCLA

New Therapeutic Approaches: Drugs/Worms/Transplant

William J. Sandborn, MD, UC San Diego

Getting into the Inaccessible Duct

Janak Shah, MD, California Pacific Medical Center

Acute and Chronic Pancreatitis: The Surgeon's Persepctive

O. Joe Hines, MD, UCLA

Chronic Pancreatitis: Managing Complications

Alireza Sedarat, MD, UCLA

Neuro-endocrine Tumors

Joseph R. Pisegna, MD, UCLA

Case Presentations: GI Bleeding

Dennis M. Jensen, MD, UCLA

GISTS: Lumps and Bumps Along the Way

Fritz C. Eilber, MD, UCLA

Common Ano-rectal Problems (Hemorrhoids, Fissures, Cancer): What the Gastroenterologist Should Know

Anne Lin, MD, MSHS, UCLA

Management of the Difficult Polyp

G.S. Raju, MD, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE)

Kevin Ghassemi, MD, UCLA

Barrett's Esophagus: Who, When and How to Treat

David Fleischer, MD, Mayo Clinic Arizona

New Options for Treating GERD: Beyond PPIs

David C. Chen, MD, UCLA

Achalasia Treatment Options: Dilation, Surgery, Endoscopic?

Jeffrey L. Conklin, MD, UCLA

Treatment of Hepatitis C

Sammy Saab, MD, MPH, UCLA