May Laboratory Team

The May Laboratory is a health services research and quality improvement program that focuses on improving outcomes for patients with digestive diseases (gastroenterology and hepatology).

Lead by Dr. Folasade May, the May Laboratory team includes biostatisticians, clinical and research fellows, residents, and students. Dr. May’s lab works with collaborators and experts from a variety of different fields and disciplines, including gastroenterology/hepatology, public health, general internal medicine, social sciences, behavioral economics, informatics, health administration, health policy, and quality improvement.

Through team-based science, the May Laboratory works to advance our knowledge about effective health care delivery systems and to improve access to care, health equity, healthcare quality, value and health outcomes for patients with gastrointestinal diseases and gastrointestinal cancers.

Research occurs at UCLA Health, the Veterans Affairs Greater Los Angeles, and in federally qualified health centers.

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Current research and quality improvement efforts include:

  • Studies to understand barriers to cancer screening
  • Implementation and evaluation of interventions to increase colorectal cancer screening rates
  • Improving diagnostic follow-up when colorectal cancer screening is abnormal
  • Evaluation of demographic and clinical risk factors of chronic liver disease progression
  • Disparities in hepatocellular carcinoma incidence and outcomes
  • National trends and disparities in esophageal cancer incidence and outcomes
  • Improving appropriate use of diagnostic tools and treatments in gastroenterology and hepatology
  • Implementation and evaluation of patient care navigators for coordination of gastrointestinal care
  • Development of curriculum on local and global disparities for medical students and health trainees
  • Training and education for students and trainees that participate in global health electives