Tien S. Dong, MD, PhD

The Human Probiotic Core stands as a pioneering platform aimed at facilitating the critical transition from laboratory discoveries to practical applications through controlled human trials. The core purpose is to help researchers with small scale probiotic manufacturing to help investigators transition into clinical trials. Our unique core is built on the foundational principle of bridging the gap between theoretical advancements and real-world healthcare solutions.

For more information, contact Tien S. Dong, MD, PhD, Human Probiotic Core Director, at [email protected] or  310-206-6186.


The Human Probiotic Core addresses the need for a structured environment that supports researchers in advancing their probiotic-focused studies. Our primary goal is to provide the necessary resources and expertise to enable the seamless progression from theoretical formulations to tangible products that can be assessed in controlled small-scale human trials.


Our core is staffed with experienced professionals who offer comprehensive support at every stage of the research process. We collaborate closely with researchers to fine-tune probiotic formulations, taking into account the nuances of both aerobic and anaerobic cultures. Moreover, we provide guidance on navigating the intricate regulatory frameworks, such as IND, GRAS designation, and FDA/IRB compliance, to ensure that research protocols meet all necessary criteria. Additionally, we collaborate with the Technology and Development Group (TDG) at UCLA to aid researchers in bringing their probiotic research to the market.


The Human Probiotic Core houses state-of-the-art facilities tailored to the unique demands of probiotic research, with dedicated spaces for both aerobic and anaerobic cultures, freeze drying, and pill packaging. By aiding researchers in transforming their concepts into evidence-based solutions, we aim to help investigators transition to the next phase of their microbiome research.