Travel Medicine Program

Why get evaluated with our travel medicine program? 

1.  Destination-Specific Assessments: Each travel destination has unique health risks, including infectious diseases, climate-related conditions, and cultural factors. Our experienced healthcare professionals specializes in conducting destination-specific evaluations. By understanding the specific risks associated with your chosen location, we can provide tailored advice and recommendations to help you stay healthy during your travels.

2.  Vaccinations and Immunizations: Traveling to different regions exposes you to a variety of diseases that may not be prevalent in your home country. Our clinic offers a comprehensive range of vaccinations and immunizations designed to protect you against these diseases. From routine shots to specialized vaccines for specific regions, such as yellow fever, we ensure that you are up-to-date and properly protected.

3.  Pre-Travel Health Screenings: Our travel clinic provides thorough health screenings to evaluate your overall well-being and identify any pre-existing medical conditions that might pose risks during your travels. This assessment helps us offer personalized advice to manage your health conditions effectively and minimize any potential complications while you're away from home.

4.  Expert Advice on Travel Health: Our healthcare professionals are well-versed in the latest travel health guidelines and recommendations. We are committed to providing up-to-date information on health risks, precautions, and preventive measures to ensure your safety. Frominsect bite prevention and food safety tips to advice on managing jet lag, we offer comprehensive guidance to make your journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Please note that ideally, children should be seen TWO MONTHS prior to visit so that vaccines and antimalarial prophylaxis (if needed) can protect health best. The pre-travel consultation will include:

  • Discussion of CDC and WHO recommendations for travel based on destinations
  • Provision of antimalarial prophylaxis if needed
  • Provision of travel-related vaccines for children and parents if needed.
  • Provision of general travel health counseling for children
  • Help in creating a travel kit for children

5.  Post-Travel Evaluations: Upon your return, our travel clinic provides post-travel evaluations to identify any health issues that may have arisen during your trip. We can address any concerns, perform necessary tests, and provide appropriate treatment if needed. This comprehensive approach ensures your long-term well-being and helps us gather valuable data to enhance our understanding of travel-related health issues.

Information and frequent questions about our program

Many vaccines require several weeks before being fully effective. Because of this, we recommend scheduling your child’s visit as soon as travel itinerary is booked, preferably 2 months prior to departure. However, we would be happy to see your child as soon as we can prior to travel to do all we can to optimize his/her health.

Our clinic is staffed by Infectious Disease Specialists who can diagnose and prescribe treatment for a variety of childhood illnesses. Please schedule an appointment today.

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