Internal Medicine-Pediatrics

Our team includes experts who provide exceptional care to patients of all ages – from newborns to seniors. This promotes a “one family, one doctor” approach to offering personalized, family-oriented services.

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Why choose UCLA Health for internal medicine-pediatric care?

At UCLA Health, our Medicine-Pediatrics (Med-Peds) physicians provide comprehensive primary care to families within the Los Angeles community. We diagnose and treat short-term illnesses, minor injuries and chronic conditions in all ages. From the newborn nursery to the nursing home, our Med-Peds physicians are with you for life.  

Highlights of our program include:

  • Comprehensive care: Our physicians are board-certified in both internal medicine and pediatrics. This qualifies them to offer personalized care to everyone in your family.
  • Collaborative approach: Our team works with physicians across UCLA Health to provide the full spectrum of health care for all. This includes transgender or gender-diverse (TGD) patients and those requiring mental or behavioral health services across age groups.
  • Convenience and flexibility: We have multiple primary care clinics throughout Southern California. Many of these locations offer extended hours, virtual visits, weekend appointments and flexible scheduling.
  • Innovation: We engage in research that directly impacts the communities we serve. Our goal is to identify ways to improve lives and the quality of care we deliver.
  • Advocacy: We believe in empowering individuals and communities through education and awareness. These efforts focus on promoting the benefits of health-focused mindfulness from a young age.

Our areas of care

As internists and pediatricians, we can provide health care to all age groups. This promotes a “one family, one doctor” approach to offering personalized, family-oriented services.

Primary care

Our physicians are trained to diagnose and manage illnesses in patients of all ages. Our multidisciplinary approach enables us to address specialized needs for all patients. 

  • Newborn and infant care: We offer comprehensive support before and after your child is born. This includes breastfeeding challenges, pediatric vaccinations and screening tests.
  • General pediatrics: Besides providing annual exams, our physicians can evaluate your child for all types of pediatric conditions, including developmental and behavioral issues. We collaborate with specialists to determine a personalized treatment plan for your child.
  • Teen and young adult health and wellness program: We provide a wide range of services to support adolescents and young adults. Services include flexible hours to accommodate busy schedules, mental health counseling and reproductive health services.
  • Adult and geriatric medicine: Our specialists assess your health and risk factors to develop a personalized care plan. We aim to prevent or manage chronic conditions so you can maintain the best possible quality of life throughout adulthood.
  • Mental health care: Our teams include physicians trained in providing mental health services. We support policies that eliminate the stigma accompanying mental health challenges. We also support policies that improve access to services that optimize psychological, emotional and social well-being.

Gender Health Program

We offer universal access to compassionate and inclusive care, including equitable health care for transgender and gender-diverse patients. This includes primary care services for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning children, teens and adults. 

University of California Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (UC-LEND) Clinic

Professionals at the UC-LEND clinic seek to improve care and outcomes for people with neurodevelopmental disabilities. We collaborate with families to create patient care plans according to short- and long-term goals. 

Research and innovation

Research allows us to expand our impact on local communities and those abroad. We currently focus our efforts in two primary organizations:

  • The Southern California Addiction Medicine Consortium: Medical professionals throughout Southern California collaborate to help reach people in underserved areas. The goal is to reduce opioid misuse, substance use disorder and overdose by providing high-quality prevention, treatment and recovery support services. The group also focuses on training future addiction medicine specialists.
  • The Autism Intervention Research Network on Physical Health (AIR-P):  We participate in a research network that aims to increase the life expectancy and improve the quality of life of autistic individuals. The network supports research that focuses on optimizing the health and well-being of autistic individuals throughout their lives.


We believe that educating people about their health-related choices can have a broad impact on communities. Our teams help empower people to make choices that positively impact them and their families.

  • Anti-vaping Champions: The rise in vaping has masked the short- and long-term negative aspects of this activity. Our goal is to promote policy development and educational programs that help decrease vaping.
  • Healthy Tomorrows Program: We educate children and teens on the benefits to them and their communities of mindfulness, environmental health, fitness and nutrition.

Why choose a Med-Peds physician?

Our Med-Peds physicians are board certified in both internal medicine and pediatrics. This broad training enables us to treat the full spectrum of conditions in both children and adults. We often care for multiple generations within families. 

Med-Peds physicians fulfill all primary care roles:

  • As pediatricians, they can provide newborn care, childhood vaccinations, well visits and care for children with special needs or chronic conditions.
  • As internists, they can diagnose and treat complex disorders and chronic diseases in adults.  
  • Like family medicine doctors, Med-Peds physicians can care for the whole family.

This unique level of personalized care is particularly beneficial for adults and children with serious medical conditions. Med-Peds physicians can follow children with special needs or chronic conditions throughout their lives. 

This continuum of care means that children don’t have to transition to another doctor when they become adults. Over time, the doctor gains deep knowledge of patients and their conditions. This familiarity helps the Med-Peds physician effectively manage chronic disease by delivering the right treatments at the right time.

Meet our team

Our team includes Medicine-Pediatrics experts trained to offer exceptional care for all ages. We work with a wide range of specialists to ensure that we provide the services you and your family need. 

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