Marco A. Hidalgo, PhD, MA

Marco A. Hidalgo, PhD, MA

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Marco A. Hidalgo, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist, researcher, and Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA. Born and raised in Southern California, he completed doctoral training at DePaul University and post-doctoral fellowship in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Hidalgo provides short-term, evidence-based psychotherapy services to patients of the Gender Health Program, ranging from children to adults. He sees patients at UCLA Health outpatient locations in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica.





PhD, DePaul University, 2011



In his NIH-sponsored research, Dr. Hidalgo focuses on sexual and gender minorities, with notable research pertaining to measure construction, design and efficacy-testing of group and mHealth HIV prevention interventions, and approaches to multidisciplinary gender-affirmative care with trans/gender-diverse youth. Dr. Hidalgo is Principal Investigator of Gender Journey Project, a five-year study examining gender development and mental health among a national sample of prepubertal trans/gender-diverse children.


Noteworthy publications include:

  1. Hidalgo MA, Cotten C, Johnson AK, Kuhns L, Garofalo R. "Yes, I am more than just that": Gay/bisexual young men residing in the US discuss the influence of minority stress on their sexual risk behavior prior to HIV infection. PMID/PMCID not yet assigned, International Journal of Sexual Health. 25(4):291-304, 2013.
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