Education Leadership Team

In addition to treating patients and performing research, scores of our faculty and staff dedicate time to educating and mentoring trainees. Our faculty strive to support them as they meet the personal and professional challenges and rewards of a career in medicine. While nearly all of our faculty devote time to supporting trainees, we have profiled our leadership team below and to the left.

S. Thomas Carmichael, MD

S. Thomas Carmichael, MD, PhD, Department Chair

Charles C. Flippen, MD

Charles C. Flippen II, MD, Vice Chair of Education; Residency Program Director

Adrienne Keener, MD

Adrienne M. Keener, MD, Associate Program Director, Residency Program

Yvette Bordelon, MD, PhD

Yvette M. Bordelon, MD, PhD, Associate Program Director, Residency Program; Clerkship Director

David Shattuck, PhD

David Shattuck, PhD, Graduate Education Committee Chair

John Lee, MD, PhD, Chief Resident

John Lee, MD, PhD, Chief Resident

Fatima Traore, MD, Chief Resident

Fatima Traore, MD, Chief Resident

Brittany Young, MD, PhD, Chief Resident

Brittany Young, MD, PhD, Chief Resident

Rebecca Reyes, Education Office Director

Rebecca Reyes, Education Office Director

Jennifer Martinez, Fellowship/Education Coordinator

Jennifer Martinez, Fellowship/Education Coordinator

Executive Clerkship and MS4 Electives Coordinator

Oscar Arellano, Student/Education Coordinator, Executive Clerkship Coordinator