Jeff Chiang

Jeffrey Chiang, PhD
Assistant Professor

Hospital Affiliation
David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Department of Neurosurgery
PO Box 956901
Los Angeles, CA 90095-6901

Contact: (310) 825-5111


  • M.S., Cognitive Psychology, UCLA (2014)
  • Ph.D., Computational and Cognitive Psychology, UCLA (2018)


Dr. Jeff Chiang is interested in translating recent advances in big data and artificial intelligence to active clinical research, and his work addresses the computational challenges which arise when doing so. He works closely with clinical departments to identify risk factors and develop predictive models for negative outcomes such as age-related macular degeneration. On the way, Chiang and his team develop techniques which overcome limited data availability, combine and leverage health information from disparate sources, and are as free from bias as possible.


PUBLICATIONS (recent articles)

1. Methylation risk scores are associated with a collection of phenotypes within electronic health record systems. M Thompson, BL Hill, N Rakocz, JN Chiang, D Geschwind, S Sankararaman, I Hofer, M Cannesson, N Zaitlen…NPJ genomic medicine 7 (1), 50, 2022 Available at:

2. Machine Learning for Antibiotic Stewardship in the Treatment of Stapholycoccus Bacterial Infections. TJ Brokowski, J Chiang. medRxiv, 2022.11. 28.22282797, 2022. Available at:

3. Imputation of the continuous arterial line blood pressure waveform from non-invasive measurements using deep learning. BL Hill, N Rakocz, Á Rudas, JN Chiang, S Wang, I Hofer, M Cannesson, E Halperin. Scientific reports 11 (1), 15755, 2021. Available at:

4. Discharge clinical characteristics and post-discharge events in patients with severe COVID-19: a descriptive case series. FG Saab, JN Chiang, R Brook, PC Adamson, JA Fulcher, E Halperin, V Manuel, D Goodman-Meza. Journal of general internal medicine 36, 1017-1022, 2021. Available at:

5. Pre-existing conditions in Hispanics/Latinxs that are COVID-19 risk factors. TS Chang, Y Ding, MK Freund, R Johnson, T Schwarz, JM Yabu, C Hazlett, JN Chiang, DA Wulf, AL Antonio…Iscience 24 (3), 2021. Available at:

6. Automated identification of clinical features from sparsely annotated 3-dimensional medical imaging. N Rakocz, JN Chiang, MG Nittala, G Corradetti, L Tiosano, S Velaga, M Thompson, BL Hill, S Sankararaman….NPJ digital medicine 4 (1), 44, 2021. Available at:

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12. Neural representations of magnitude for natural and rational numbers. M DeWolf, JN Chiang, M Bassok, KJ Holyoak, MM Monti. NeuroImage 141, 304-312, 2016. Available at:

13. Neural adaptation in pSTS correlates with perceptual aftereffects to biological motion and with autistic traits. SM Thurman, JJA van Boxtel, MM Monti, JN Chiang, H Lu. Neuroimage 136, 149-161, 2016. Available at:

14. Thalamic and extrathalamic mechanisms of consciousness after severe brain injury. ES Lutkenhoff, J Chiang, L Tshibanda, E Kamau, M Kirsch, JD Pickard, S Laureys, AM Owen, MM Monti. Annals of neurology 78 (1), 68-76, 2015. Available at:

15. Controlling for performance capacity confounds in neuroimaging studies of conscious awareness. J Morales, J Chiang, H Lau. Neuroscience of Consciousness 2015 (1), niv008, 2015. Available at:

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