Tiffany Greco, PhD

Tiffany Greco, PhD
Assistant Professor

Hospital Affiliation
David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Department of Neurosurgery
PO Box 956901
Los Angeles, CA 90095-6901

Contact: (310) 825-5111


  • B.S., Biotechnology, William Paterson University of New Jersey (2005)
  • Ph.D., Molecular Medicine, University of Maryland, Baltimore (2009)
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of California, Los Angeles (2011-2016)


Dr. Greco is currently pursuing research on sex hormones, brain energy metabolism and concussions. The vast majority of studies on concussion are conducted on male athletes, and there is strong evidence to suggest that men and women experience physiological differences in the way their bodies handle and heal from head injuries. Since one-third of athletes today are women, this is an area of research that is both unprecedented and vital for understanding how head trauma affects people differently and how brain health differs in women and men.


  • NIH/NINDS 2020-2025 - "Cerebral Mechanisms of Vulnerability Following Female Traumatic Brain Injury"


PUBLICATIONS (recent articles)

1. Rodent Estrous Cycle Monitoring utilizing Vaginal Lavage: No Such Thing As a Normal Cycle. J Vis Exp. 2021 08 30; (174).Robert H, Ferguson L, Reins O, Greco T, Prins ML, Folkerts M. PMID: 34515690.

2. Sex Differences in Neurophysiological Changes Following Voluntary Exercise in Adolescent Rats. Front Neurol. 2021; 12:685822.Ferguson L, Giza CC, Serpa RO, Greco T, Robert H, Folkerts M, Prins ML. PMID: 34367052.

3. Pathophysiology of Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury. Front Neurol. 2021; 12:696510.Serpa RO, Ferguson L, Larson C, Bailard J, Cooke S, Greco T, Prins ML. PMID: 34335452.

4. Recovery From Repeat Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in Adolescent Rats Is Dependent on Pre-injury Activity State. Front Neurol. 2020; 11:616661.Ferguson L, Giza CC, Serpa RO, Greco T, Folkerts M, Prins ML. PMID: 33488505.

5. Alternative substrate metabolism depends on cerebral metabolic state following traumatic brain injury. Exp Neurol. 2020 07; 329:113289.Greco T, Vespa PM, Prins ML. PMID: 32247790.

6. Transcriptional activation of antioxidant gene expression by Nrf2 protects against mitochondrial dysfunction and neuronal death associated with acute and chronic neurodegeneration. Exp Neurol. 2020 06; 328:113247.Goodfellow MJ, Borcar A, Proctor JL, Greco T, Rosenthal RE, Fiskum G. PMID: 32061629.

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