Christine Averill

Christine Averill, MD
Resident IV / PGY4

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Undergrad & Major: Dartmouth College - Chemistry
Medical School: Washington University in St. Louis
Favorite LA restaurant: Phanny’s
Neighborhood: Culver City
Best weekend activity: hiking, beaching, painting, and reading

Marissa Berger

Marissa Berger, MD
Resident IV / PGY4

Hometown: Pasadena, CA
Undergrad & Major: Johns Hopkins University, Art History
Medical School: Tulane University School of Medicine
Favorite LA restaurant: Bestia
Neighborhood: Brentwood
Best weekend activity: hosting dinner parties, hiking, or driving up to Santa Barbara for wine tasting

Megan Bernstein

Megan Bernstein, MD
Resident IV / PGY4

Hometown: Fremont, CA
Undergrad & Major: University of Southern California, Biology & Print Journalism
Medical School: UC Irvine School of Medicine
Favorite LA restaurant: Hardest question ever... I literally have a map of all my favorite restaurants in LA since 2010! But Urth Caffe is classic LA and never fails!
Neighborhood: West LA
Best weekend activity: It’s a tie between hanging out at the dog beach or hike & brunch!

Anita Chanana

Anita Chanana, MD
Resident IV / PGY4

Hometowns: Richmond and Hercules, CA
Undergrad & Major: UC Berkeley, Molecular Toxicology
Medical School: Stanford School of Medicine
Favorite LA restaurant: Farsi Cafe
Neighborhood:  Westwood
Best weekend activity: Jumping in the ocean

Christopher Douglas

Christopher Douglas, MD
Resident IV / PGY4

Hometown: Reno, NV
Undergrad & Major: University of Nevada, Reno; Biochemistry and Spanish
Medical School: University of Southern California
Favorite LA restaurant: Road to Seoul KBBQ
Neighborhood: Sawtelle
Best weekend activity: Brunch to get rid of the Sunday scaries

Alex Francoeur

Alex Francoeur, MD
Resident IV / PGY4

Hometown: Cupertino CA
Undergrad & Major: UCSD Human Biology and History
Medical School: Boston University School of Medicine
Favorite LA restaurant: Sugarfish and Robertas
Neighborhood: Santa Monica
Best weekend activity: hiking in any of the beautiful regions around Santa Monica

Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee, MD
Resident IV / PGY4

Hometown: Camas, WA
Undergrad & Major: Johns Hopkins Biophysics
Medical School: University of Maryland SOM
Favorite LA restaurant: Hae Jang Chon KBBQ
Neighborhood: West Hollywood
Best weekend activity: a blend of hiking and exploring local restaurants

Arshia Surti

Arshia Surti, MD
Resident IV / PGY4

Hometown: Pinole, CA
Undergrad: MIT - aerospace engineering
Medical school: Case Western Reserve
Favorite LA restaurant: Annapurna in Culver City
Neighborhood: Culver Palms
Best weekend activity: Whale watching! Or hiking!


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Sonal Chaudhari

Sonal Chaudhari, MD
Resident III / PGY3

Hometown: Irvine, CA
Undergrad & Major: UCLA; Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology
Medical School: Johns Hopkins
Favorite LA restaurant: C&O Trattoria and also places in Grand Central Market
Neighborhood: Westwood
Best weekend activity: Being outside in nature

Kathleen Chung

Kathleen Chung, MD
Resident IIi / PGY3

Hometown: Tehachapi, CA
Undergrad & Major: Dartmouth College, Romance Languages
Med school: Brown
Favorite Restaurant: BCD Tofu House
Neighborhood: Sawtelle
Weekend Activity: Trying new restaurants

Hannah Cundall

Hannah Cundall, MD
Resident IIi / PGY3

Hometown: Palo Alto, CA
Undergrad & Major: UC Santa Cruz molecular biology
Medical School: Case Western Reserve University
Neighbourhood: Westwood
Favority LA restaurant and weekend activity: To be Discovered!

Monica Gutierrez

Monica Gutierrez, MD
Resident III / PGY3

Hometown: Cathedral City, CA
Undergrad & Major: UCLA, psychobiology
Medical School: UC Riverside SOM
Favorite LA restaurant: Grimaldi’s Pizzeria
Neighborhood: Mar Vista
Best weekend activity: hiking, snowboarding, home cooked dinner and a movie

Jennifer Park

Jennifer Park, MD
Resident III / PGY3

Hometown: Hartford, CT
Undergrad & Major: University of Rochester, Biomedical Engineering
Medical School:  University of Connecticut
Favorite LA restaurant:  To Be Discovered
Neighborhood:  Westwood
Best weekend activity: finding a nice view and setting up a hammock

Lakshmi Ramachandran

Lakshmi Ramachandran, MD
Resident III / PGY3

Hometown: Troy, MI
Undergrad & Major: Northwestern University - Communication Sciences & Disorders; double minor in Spanish & International Studies
Columbia University, Teachers College - MS in Neuroscience & Education
Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health - MPH in Health Policy & Maternal Child Health
Medical School: Western Michigan Homer Stryker MD School of Medicine
Fav LA Restaurant: The Butcher's Daughter
Neighborhood: West LA
Best Weekend Activity: Hiking

Michael Richardson

Michael Richardson, MD
Resident III / PGY3

Hometown: Los Angeles
Undergrad & Major: Washington University in St. Louis, History major
Medical School: Stanford
Favorite LA restaurant: Hara Sushi on Wilshire
Neighborhood:  Beverly Hills
Best weekend activity: watching the sun set over the beach!


Jamie Temko

Jamie Temko, MD
Resident III / PGY3

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Undergrad & Major: Brown University, Neuroscience
Medical School: University of California, Irvine School of Medicine
Favorite LA restaurant: Cafe Vida
Neighborhood: Santa Monica
Best weekend activity: hiking

Deanna Wong

Deanna Wong, MD
Resident III / PGY3

Hometown: Orinda, CA
Undergrad & Major: Northwestern University, majored in Biological Sciences
Medical School: UCLA
Favorite LA restaurant: Yuko Kitchen
Neighborhood: Sawtelle
Best weekend activity: hiking in the Pacific Palisades


Elaine Chan

Elaine Chan
Resident II / PGY2

Hometown: San Francisco 
Undergrad & Major: Scripps College for Womyn, Biochemistry  
Medical School: UCLA DGSOM
Favorite LA restaurant: Summer Rolls, Ma Dang Gook Soo, Local Kitchen and Wine Bar
Neighborhood: Mar Vista
Best weekend activity: biking to the beach, organizing for social justice 

Maria Paula Arias

Maria Paula Arias, MD
Resident II / PGY2

Hometown: Cartagena, Colombia
Undergrad & Major: Johns Hopkins University - Neuroscience
Medical School: Johns Hopkins University
Favorite LA restaurant: if you don’t have one so far, or any restaurant you’re hoping to try – Blue Fish Tacos
Neighborhood: Brentwood
Best weekend activity: Beach volleyball, hiking with our dog, cocktails by the pool, hanging out with fellow residents!

Demetra Hufnagel

Demetra Hufnagel, MD
Resident II / PGY2

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Undergrad & Major: Yale University, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology
Medical School: Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Favorite LA restaurant: Kiwami or Roscoe's
Neighborhood: West LA
Best weekend activity: A picnic at the Hollywood Bowl or a hike in the Palisades followed by brunch!


Alexandra Mardock

Alexandra Mardock, MD
Resident II / PGY2

Hometown: Laguna Hills, CA
Undergrad & Major: Rice University: French Studies, Biochemistry minor
Medical School: UCLA School of Medicine
Favorite LA restaurant: Home cooked meals with friends 
Neighborhood: Sawtelle
Best weekend activity: Anything outdoors--volleyball, surfing, backpacking, a good picnic--and spending time with my co-interns!

Rachel Martel

Rachel Martel, MD
Resident II / PGY2

Hometown: Maplewood, NJ
Undergrad & Major: Tufts University, English and Community Health  
Medical School: NYU Grossman School of Medicine  
Favorite LA restaurant: I’m currently working my way through the restaurants on Sawtelle Boulevard!  
Neighborhood: Sawtelle
Best weekend activity: Brunch and a walk on the beach   


Jocelyn Sajnani

Jocelyn Sajnani, MD
Resident II / PGY2

Hometown: Overland Park, Kansas
Undergrad & Major: University of Kansas, Genetics   
Medical School: University of Kansas
Favorite LA restaurant: TBD! Looking forward to exploring more!
Neighborhood: Westwood
Best weekend activity: (short) hike plus brunch, and the beach for sunset

Lauren Sanchez

Lauren Sanchez, MD
Resident II / PGY2

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Undergrad & Major: Swarthmore College, Psychology and minor in Art History   
Medical School: Albert Einstein College of Medicine 
Favorite LA restaurant: Seoul Tofu House
Neighborhood: Santa Monica (5 streets from the beach!) 
Best weekend activity: (Starting off the day with a beautiful hike, then a beachside brunch followed by beach activities, maybe some biking or roller skating or simply soaking up some sun, and then finish off the day with live music and dinner with friends and/or family! 

Delaney Scollan

Delaney Scollan, MD
Resident II / PGY2

Hometown: Auburn, NY
Undergrad & Major: Skidmore College, Biology Major, Spanish Minor   
Medical School: Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, New Jersey  
Favorite LA restaurant: Shin-Sen-Gumi in Sawtelle is fantastic for ramen (especially the spicy dandan men!) and dangerously close to my house. As an east-coaster, I’ve seriously been enjoying the plentiful green bowls, grain bowls, acai bowls and smoothies here in SoCal! 
Neighborhood: West LA / Sawtelle and really loving it! 
Best weekend activity: The geography here is amazing. The beach and hiking and outdoor venues are awesome, and I can’t wait to explore it all and eventually take a scenic drive up PCH to Big Sur.  

Jessica Van Fleet

Jessica Van Fleet, MD
Resident II / PGY2

Hometown: Orange, CA
Undergrad & Major: UCLA, Biology
Medical School: USC Keck School of Medicine 
Favorite LA restaurant: Night Market in Silverlake  
Neighborhood: Brentwood
Best weekend activity: hiking or going to the beach  


Rachel Acree, MD

Rachel Acree, MD
Resident I / PGY1

Sabrina Alexander, MD

Sabrina Alexander, MD
Resident I / PGY1

Brittany Bergman, MD

Brittany Bergman, MD
Resident I / PGY1

Karina Gomez, MD

Karina Gomez, MD
Resident I / PGY1

Alexander Gould, MD

Alexander Gould, MD
Resident I / PGY1

Sandy Hoang, MD

Sandy Hoang, MD
Resident I / PGY1

Vignesh Ramchandran, MD

Vignesh Ramchandran, MD
Resident I / PGY1

Jessica Rivas, MD

Jessica Rivas, MD
Resident I / PGY1

Anais Stepanian, MD

Anais Stepanian, MD
Resident I / PGY1

Monica Stretten, MD

Monica Stretten, MD
Resident I / PGY1

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