Orthopaedic Biology, Wearable Technologies, 3D Printing, Smart and Functional Materials, and Smart Textiles

Billi Research Lab at UCLA

Our Mission

Older caucasian couple doing a stretching routine.

To improve the quality of life of patients by developing breakthrough technologies and solutions to address unmet clinical needs

Our Goal

Extended family running along the edge of the water at the beach

To develop a deeper understanding of the human biology and mechanics.

Specifically, our current research activity concerns:  

  • Wearable Technologies, Sensor Fusion, and Smart Textiles.
  • Bone Biology and 3D Bioprinting.
  • Bio- and Smart- Materials.
  • Anti-infective Strategies and Technologies.
  • Small boy flexing at camera with doctor in lab coat standing behind him
    Tribology and Biomechanics of Artificial and Native Joint, Spine, and Masticatory Function.
  • Computer Modeling and Advanced Finite Element Analysis.
  • Nanoparticle and Wear Debris Isolation and Characterization.
  • Development of Medical Devices and Orthopaedic Instrumentations.
  • Translational research - from bench to clinic.


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