Giving to Pathology

Giving to Pathology

Thank you for considering a gift to the UCLA Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. Your support makes a real and substantive difference.

While often called the "unsung hero" of medicine because so much of what we do happens behind-the-scenes, our work is integral to driving medical and scientific progress forward. There are few opportunities for giving that provide as much benefit to everyone - from the most noble to the most vulnerable, both within the community, and throughout the world.

We encourage you to review these pages to learn more about our programs and services. Our cutting-edge programs include the UCLA Clinical Genomics Center. Among the first of its kind, this Center provides clinical exome sequencing in a licensed, CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited clinical laboratory. Our Immunogenetics Center is at the forefront of understanding various immune and inflammatory diseases, and is developing immune assessment tests that better detect change in the immune status of a patient, crucial to organ and tissue transplant patients whose lives depend on early detection of graft rejection. Our ground-breaking telepathology initiatives allow "diagnosis from a distance," collaborating with hospitals throughout the world, even some of the most remote - providing advanced diagnostic capability and better opportunity for fast, accurate therapeutic intervention.

These are just a few of the many leading edge initiatives in which we are currently involved that advance healthcare on a global scale. Your generosity directly benefits our ability to provide these and other innovative and life-enhancing programs.


The department is a 501(c)(3) entity. You can donate:


There are many volunteer opportunities in the Department. Volunteers can assist with telephone correspondence, office operations, patient services and community outreach activities, among other areas.  Event-oriented fundraising opportunities are available upon contact.

Other Gifts

All gifts make a difference in helping continue the mission of the UCLA Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine.  Gifts in cash or cash equivalent can be paid in a single installment or as a pledge over a period of time.  Planned gifts such as charitable annuities and charitable remainder and lead trusts or individual estate plan or gifts of real estate and personal property are among the many giving opportunities. For information about making such gifts, contact Dr. Sarah Dry at (310) 825-2339