The Pathology Business Office is here to support our faculty, staff, and students navigate the various administrative, financial, and regulatory polices and procedures associated with the David Geffen School of Medicine (DGSOM) and University of California.    

Kelli Scott Chief Administrative Officer424-320-1283[email protected]
Mary Alice Mita Clinical Director310-825-3734[email protected]
Elijah Williams Project Manager310-267-1629[email protected]
Clinical FinancePhoneEmail
Carly Nguyen Finance Director310-825-5026[email protected] 
Djoko Setiyawan  Manager310-267-2247[email protected]
David Doyle Financial Analyst 3310-825-5127[email protected]
Francis 'Nico' Aldana  Financial Analyst 2310-825-6487[email protected]
Research Administration
(aka Contracts & Grants)
Carly Nguyen Finance Director310-825-5026[email protected] 
Juan De la Torre  Manager310-267-4490[email protected]
Veronica Munoz Research Administrator 3310-825-7798[email protected]
Maribel Robino Research Administrator 3310-206-9307[email protected]
Vincent Yu Research Administrator 3310-825-9419[email protected]
Rebeca Martinez  Research Administrator 2310-206-8154[email protected]
TBD – Research Administrator 2  
Human ResourcesPhoneEmail
Kristine Fisher – Academic & Faculty Affairs
310-206-5008[email protected]
Rachel Romero –
Academic Personnel Coordinator
310-267-1807[email protected]
Divine Grace Kabigting –
Sr. Staff Personnel Analyst
310-267-1624[email protected]
Procurement Activities (Purchasing, Travel)PhoneEmail
Carly Nguyen Finance Director310-825-5026[email protected]
Rita Simon Supervisor310-206-9869[email protected]
Jonelle Echave – Purchasing Coordinator310-825-9162[email protected]
Lota Santos Purchasing Coordinator310-794-6643[email protected]
Bianca Washington Purchasing Coordinator310-794-1405[email protected]
TBD – Purchasing Coordinator  
Sales & Service FundsPhoneEmail
Carly Nguyen Finance Director310-825-5026[email protected]
Lea DeMarco  Manager310-267-0511[email protected]
Aracely Padilla Financial Analyst 3
(Olympic Analytical Lab, CPRS/PRP, IPH)
310-267-4527[email protected]
Toni McKenzie-Mendiola – Financial Analyst 2
(TCGB, IAC, UIC Reference)
310-267-2280[email protected]
Rachel Jin – Financial Analyst 2 (UBR, BTTR, TPCL)310-267-7653[email protected]