Our office is here to help faculty and staff with the purchase of products and services, payment of invoices, and processing of reimbursement requests.  Please contact our office directly with any questions that cannot be answered through this website.             

Staff Directory

Finance Director
Carly Nguyen
Phone: 310-825-5026
Email: [email protected]

Rita Simon
Phone: 310-206-9869
Email: [email protected]

Purchasing Coordinator
Jonelle Enchave
Phone: 310-825-9162
Email: [email protected]

Purchasing Coordinator
Lota Santos
Phone: 310-794-6643
Email: [email protected]

Purchasing Coordinator
Bianca Washington
Phone: 310-794-1405
Email: [email protected]

TBD Purchasing Coordinator

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Purchasing & Accounts Payable

Our office is responsible for the procurement and payment of goods and services for the Department.  Our goal is to support the many activities of our Department through the timely acquisition of affordable, high quality goods and services in the most ethical and professional manner possible.  Please contact us for guidance on navigating the purchasing process.  

Policies & Procedures


Our office also offers guidance on reimbursement of business expenses, both travel and non-travel.  Please feel free to contact our office with any questions about these policies or procedures.  All reimbursement requests should be submitted within 10 days of incurring the expense or the scheduled travel.  This will allow enough time for the Business Office to review and meet central campus deadlines.  Original, itemized receipts reflecting form of payment are required for all expenses.  If the receipt does not indicate the amount paid and method of payment (cash, check or credit card), a second document, such as a copy of the redacted credit card statement (account number blacked out) or a copy of the canceled check is required.  Please refer to the appropriate policy below for more detailed information, or you can contact our office.    

Policies & Procedures

Payment of Expenses on Behalf of Others
University travelers normally shall not be reimbursed for expenses paid on behalf of other persons.  Exceptions to this rule must be approved in advance of the trip.  See Section V.E.4. of Policy G-28, Payment of Group Subsistence Expenses, for more information.  

Cancellation of Reservations
Travelers who are unable to honor a reservation shall be responsible for canceling the reservation in compliance with the cancellation terms established by the hotel, airline, etc.  The traveler must return any refundable deposits to the University.  Charges or lost refunds resulting from failure to cancel reservations shall not be reimbursed unless the traveler can show that such failure was the result of circumstances beyond the traveler's control.     

Travel of Less than 24 Hours
When the entire length of a trip is less than 24 hours, "Meals & Incidental Expenses" shall not be reimbursed unless the travel includes an "overnight stay" as supported by a lodging receipt.  If the traveler is unable to provide a receipt, he or she must include a statement with the Reimbursement Request explaining why a receipt is not available (e.g., the traveler lodged with a friend or relative, stayed overnight at the airport, or took alternative transportation that required the traveler to be away overnight).  An exception to the overnight-stay requirement may be allowed when a traveler incurs a meal expense in connection with a business meeting (e.g., a working lunch scheduled as an integral part of a meeting or conference).  The business purpose of the meal must be explained on the Reimbursement Request Form or substantiated by other documentation.  

Other Business Expenses
The purchase of goods and/or services with an employee's personal funds and request for subsequent reimbursement is strongly discouraged.  Instead, these items should be procured through the purchasing office.  There are however instances when this method of purchase is necessary and accepted.  Please note that personal reimbursement is limited to $1,000 per transaction, and any purchase above this amount should be made through the department purchasing office.  It is strongly recommended that you contact the Purchasing Office prior to making a purchase with personal funds.