Pediatric Residency Program Global Health Partner Sites

Humjibre, Ghana


This is a one month international elective with Ghana Health and Education Initiative (GHEI) in the village of Humjibre, Bibiani District, Western Region, Ghana.

This rotation offers residents a broader view of the role that physicians can take in global health and a chance to make a lasting impact on the health of a community. In addition to clinical and advocacy components, for the past several years residents have provided neonatal resuscitation training for local health providers including traditional birth attendants.

Residents have a minimum fundraising requirement of $400. Housing in Humjibre is provided.

Residents are advised to be extremely flexible, pro-active and able to work independently, and open to learning from local community and engaging in self- reflection. Two residents can be accommodated at one time.

Program Components:

  • Clinical — Located in a primary care clinic in Bekwai, seeing pediatric patients and precepted by a local health provider. The goal of this component is to gain exposure to health care issues facing this community and how care is delivered in this resource poor setting. You are there primarily as a learner but discussions regarding differences in medical practice are encouraged.
  • Community Advocacy — Explore broader issues contributing to the health of the community. This component includes learning about the health care system, the role of non-governmental organizations, and asset mapping. You will visit different levels of the health care system and see how public health programs are delivered in a rural village setting. You will also gain more exposure to the programs and daily operations of GHEI.
  • Community Health Project — Neonatal Resuscitation Training Project. Each year participants collaborate with GHEI and local staff to support a project identified by the community to improve the health of children in the district. In past years, residents have provided in-service training on neonatal resuscitation to train providers who have not yet received newborn care training, as well as to provide refresher trainings for anyone interested in improving their own skills. Eventually we hope to have local providers who feel confident and able to train others.

Program Requirements:

  • Attend a 10-hour pre-departure seminar series (dates coordinated according to your schedule).
  • Valid NRP certification
  • In Ghana for one consecutive month (including travel time). Dates must be arranged with rotation coordinator, Dr. Rebecca Dudovitz.
  • Attend 1 debriefing session upon return to the US
  • Complete a final report on the community health project and asset mapping for
  • GHEI staff and future participants to build on your work
  • Complete reflection activities and rotation evaluations
  • Fundraising requirement of $400/per person. Additional fundraising to support the community health project is greatly appreciated.

Prior Resident Scholarly Work

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Application Details:

  • Maximum residents to be accommodated is 1-3 per year
  • No language requirement.
  • Approximate expenses $1,500.
  • Mentor is Dr Rebecca Dudovitz.
  • Facility is Ghana Health and Education Initiative in Humjibre, Bibiani-Anhwiaso-Bekwai District, Ghana.

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