Teacher and student

Who we are

The UCLA Intervention Program's team works closely with parents to design a program plan for their child. Our team includes the medical director (a pediatrician with a subspecialty in developmental behavioral pediatrics) and colleagues in the subspecialty; early childhood educators; physical and occupational therapists; assistant teachers; the director; and administrative support staff.

The team meets daily to prepare each child’s activities based upon his or her individual educational plans. Each team member's expertise is utilized in our effort to fully understand the child. This comprehensive, holistic approach provides rich and varied materials and activities that promote and motivate learning. The program operates on a year-round calendar.

Our vibrant classrooms and beautiful play yards create an exciting and supportive environment where there is always room to grow. By using a transdisciplinary approach, the team is able to formulate a comprehensive classroom plan tailored to the specific needs of each child.

What we do

The Intervention Program's services include:

  • Infant services: (birth to 18 months, 1:1 ratio)
  • Toddler program: (18 to 36 months, 2:1 ratio)
  • Individual physical therapy
  • Individual occupational therapy
  • Pollywog Pool Play Program

Infant Services

Infants (birth to 18 months) and their parents meet weekly with our team to tailor activities for each child's specific needs. Our "mini" school day exposes the child and parent to a variety of experiences, including refinement of gross and fine motor skills through play-based activities, introduction to computer play, use of a variety of communication strategies, and practice in eating and drinking skills. Staff, parents, and children play and work together at stimulating and fun activities. Parents also make guided observations of their child's unique strengths and competencies.

Toddler program

Our fun and stimulating classroom day immerses toddlers (18 to 36 months) in an enriched educational and therapeutic setting. The transdisciplinary staff values play as the natural way young children learn. The program's activities motivate the children by encouraging them to experiment with objects and materials, to be goal-directed in their play, and to take pleasure in their own successes. These are the essential components of cognitive development. The teachers help the toddlers to interact—first with the adults most familiar to them and gradually with other children. Our beautiful play yards are an extension of the classroom experience. They are designed to provide an opportunity to practice gross and fine motor, sensory, language and social skills at all developmental levels. The natural setting includes swings, toddler climbing structures, a sand box, an accessible playhouse, and a riding path for practice with wheeled toys and adapted mobility. Children may attend this program three, four, or five mornings per week, depending upon specific need.

Individual physical therapy

Physical therapy consultation, screening, assessment and treatment are available for infants and children up to 5 years old. Physical therapy services are provided by licensed physical therapists specializing in pediatric physical therapy. Children receive therapy in a specialized center with developmentally appropriate toys, materials, and therapeutic equipment. We also train family members how to use this equipment at home.

Pollywog Pool Play Program

The UCLA Pollywog Pool Play Program meets on Fridays in a heated indoor therapy pool. Children learn the joy and pleasure of moving and playing in a gravity-free environment. Emphasis is "water play" and not "swimming." Because the water is comfortably heated, the children quickly learn to relax, explore and play easily. A variety of flotation devices are available. Children experience independent movement while in the water, and short periods of group activities (songs and games) provide for socialization. Each child is accompanied and closely supervised by a parent or guardian. Eligible children must be enrolled in the UCLA Intervention Program, and participation is at the discretion of the team and requires appropriate medical clearance.

Contact Us

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Phone: 310-825-4821
Fax: 310-206-7744

Additional Resources

California Department of Developmental Services
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