"I am the mother of a young boy who was diagnosed with Autism at one and a half years old. We were very lucky to find the UCLA intervention program. It proved to be completely transformational for my son. He began the program significantly delayed, and through the program he was able to learn play skills, and a great deal of language. It also helped familiarize him with a classroom setting and routines, which has been incredibly helpful in terms of self-regulation, and preparation for the future. The staff and program director are extremely knowledgeable and compassionate – I can't say enough good things! The program is an invaluable resource for any child with special needs."

Anne M.

"My son attended this program for 10 months through the Regional Center and it has been an amazing experience for him and for our family. My only regret is that we did not discover this program was available sooner – ask your service coordinator at the Regional Center and fight to be enrolled!

Top 3 reasons to enroll your child at the UCLA Early Intervention Program:
1) His teachers (Sevan, Jennifer, Crystal, Polly) and the administrators (Dane, Maria) are
all the most knowledgeable and compassionate individuals.
2) This program has been the model for a great many other similar education programs
around the country. The student to teacher ratio is amazing (typically 2:1 or better).
3) The relationships you form with other parents in similar situations as you and the
knowledge sharing that you will gain. You are not alone!

My son made marked progress in speech, feeding, and social skills during his time here. The structured classroom setting they provide was invaluable to helping my son thrive and transition successfully in a classroom. He made friends and loved going to school!

If you have a child with special needs who is between the ages of 0-3, I highly recommend that you look into this program. It is worth your time & investment!"

Mother, West Los Angeles

"The UCLA early intervention program is truly a blessing for my son. He has learned tremendously from the program. His speech had already improved through his speech therapist but the program offers what the therapist can't provide and that is social interaction amongst his peers. Although the program is via zoom, he still interacts with his peers and knows them by name! That social interaction is a necessity no matter how it is provided. The program is a routine that my son follows in the morning and he knows the visual time schedule for each activity by heart. I absolutely believe that routine is key. All the teachers are outstanding and they connect with each child and their preferences. This program will prepare him once he attends preschool but in the meantime, we cherish each morning by attending the UCLA early intervention program."

Olivia Martin, mother in Los Angeles

"Incredible program! My son had the pleasure of attending in person for a year and the progress he made was outstanding. Now continuing with the online program we have been able to stick to a strict morning school schedule where virtual learning is both engaging and constructive. The staff at the UCLA program have taken careful time to create a program that is individualized for each student and also creates a social interactive environment with classmates. We are so fortunate to have found this program especially during these difficult times. We only wish we had it as a resource for ages 3-5 as we know it would be super beneficial for our son Sylvain going forward. This is an incredible program with an A+ staff that should set the standards for others in the field. We hope a 3-5 program will be developed in the near future!"

Jamie Rosenthal-Boyer

"Our journey at the UCLA Intervention program was honestly life changing. We had our twins at 23 weeks and 5 days. They were 1.12 pounds and 1.6 pounds at birth and spent over six months in the hospital. Lucily Lane and Logan are both thriving today and we know a lot of that had to do with our time at the UCLA Intervention Program. We live 2 and half hours away and I would still drive down once a week for thier therapies. They worked with my twins and when a group setting was giving them the best benefit they switched to a one on one plaform and it worked wonders. At the end of our time there when my twins turned three they had come so far. They sat down, followed every instruction given and were learning words, sign language and simple tasks. They are now seven and in 1st grade and doing wonderful and I know its partly because of our time at the UCLA Intervention Program. We can't thank them enough!"

Katrina Licon

"We cannot say enough positive things about the UCLA Intervention Program. The only issue we have is that we didn't find them sooner! This is an incredible well-thought out and executed program for all children. If only this type of program were offered for all kids! Sydney started in their infant parent & me program. Not only was it great for her to be around other kids, but it was also a great resource for her parents. We met other parents and had regular dialogue with the PT and OT, who have a wealth of knowledge to offer. We are big proponents of early intervention, and this program was fantastic. After graduating from the infant program, Sydney moved on to the toddler program, which was three days a week. It was fantastic! After a parent & me component, parents got to observe their children in class through a one-way mirror, and Sydney was allowed to work through separation issues and being alone without Mom. It definitely prepared her for preschool and taught her so much. The UCLA Intervention specialists felt like family and treated us like family. In addition to all class things, they helped us figure out preschool and through our IEP process with LAUSD. We love everyone at this program and are SO grateful we had the opportunity to be a part of it! Thank you!!! Lots of love."

Sydney Rosenblum & family 

"The UCLA Early Intervention Program has played an important role in my daughter's development. My daugther started in the infant program when she was 10 months old after being diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder at birth. All of the teachers and therapists were friendly and welcoming to our family. They saw where my daughters strengths and challenges were and tailored various activites in the classroom and outside so she could feel successful. Each week we would work on building on a new skill to keep her challeged but also not overwhelmed. My daughter is now 18 months old, is pratically running, has about 25 consistant words, uses a spoon/ fork to feed herself, and best of all feels confident in herself.

I thought a Zoom class for infants would be impossible, but the UCLA Virtual Program has done an amazing job at keep the kids and parents engaged. My daughter loves to see all her classmates on the computer and scream “baby!”. She will stay engaged with the songs (most of the time) and enjoys looking at the pages of the books that are read. The repeated schedule of events is helpful and now my daughter knows to find her star for the Twinkle Twinkle song and the hand movements to the Bye Bye song. As parent, the class has been a great source of information on activites to do with our kids at home, development questions and a community for parents to share their trials, tribulations and successes they have found during Covid. I am very appreciative to everyone at UCLA Intervention for keeping this program going!"

Sarah Schmidt, Mother in Culver City

"The success of the remote class in the UCLA Intervention Program does not rely on the recreation of the exact already-wonderful in-person classroom, but to actualize effective teaching and multi-directional communication among children, teachers, and parents. The ingenuity of incorporating music, story telling, body movement, tabletop activities, and even snack time, into the class, enhances our learning in such a structural and creative space, which can only be realized by such a professional team."

Isaac's Mom