Students, parents and teachers during circle time

Toddler classroom schedule *

  • Parent and me: Parents get hands-on experience helping their child with support from staff and learn how to carryover activities at home.
  • Open circle: Children and parents take part in circle song time developing language, social skills, and group participation.
  • Free play: Through various classroom activities, children develop in areas of cognition, language, and creativity.
  • Snack time: Opportunity to practice feeding, self-help skills, language and group socialization.
  • Group activity: Varies daily and includes such activities as cooking, art, and sensory play.
  • Outside time: Outside free play is an opportunity for social play, independent exploration as well as practice of gross motor skills.
  • Lunch: Practice feeding with possible use of adaptive plates and utensils.
  • Closing circle: Children and parents participate in closing circle song time, marking the end of the school day.

* Infant services follow a similar format.