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Cover of Molecular Cancer Research
  • J Tucci*, W Alhushki*, T Chen, X Sheng*, Y-M Kim, SD Mittelman
    Switch to Low-Fat Diet Improves Outcome of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in Obese Mice Cancer & Metabolism, 2018 (In Press)
  • AP Vidmar*, R Pretlow, C Borzutzky CP Wee, S Fox, C Fink, SD Mittelman
    An Addiction Model Based Mobile Health Weight Loss Intervention in Obese Adolescents 
    Pediatric Obesity, 2018 (In Press)
  • CM Dieli-Conwright*, J-H Parmentier, N Sami, K Lee, D Spicer, WJ Mack, F Sattler, SD Mittelman
    Adipose Tissue Inflammation in Breast Cancer Survivors: Effects of a 16-week Combined Aerobic and Resistance Exercise Training Intervention
    Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, 168 (1): 147-57, 2018
  • X Sheng*, J-H Parmentier, J Tucci*, H Pei, O Cortez-Toledo, CM Dieli-Conwright*, M Oberley, M Neely, E Orgel, SG Louie, SD Mittelman
    Adipocytes Sequester and Metabolize the Chemotherapeutic Daunorubicin
    Molecular Cancer Research 15(12):1704-1713, 2017 PMCID: PMC5726435
  • E Orgel*, NM Mueske, R Sposto, V Gilsanz, TAL Wren, DR Freyer, AM Butturini, SD Mittelman
    A Randomized Controlled Trial Testing an Adherence-optimized Vitamin D Regimen to Mitigate Bone Change in Adolescents Being Treated for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia 
    Leukemia & Lymphoma, 58(10):2370-8, 2017 PMCID: PMC5489365
  • E Orgel*, NM Mueske, R Sposto, V Gilsanz, DR Freyer, SD Mittelman
    Limitations of Body Mass Index to Assess Body Composition due to Sarcopenic Obesity During Leukemia Therapy
    Leukemia & Lymphoma, 59(1):138-45, 2018, PMCID: PMC5362342
  • M Maggi, SD Mittelman, J-H Parmentier, B Colombo, M Meli, JM Whitmire, DS Merrell, J Whittelegge, C Scotti
    A Protease-Resistant Escherichia coli Asparaginase with Outstanding Stability and Enhanced Anti-Leukaemic Activity
    Scientific Reports, 7(1):14479, 2017, PMCID: PMC5670125

* indicates trainee