Message From the Principal Investigator

To Our Community:

Founded in 2012, CORELAB traces its roots to my old Chemistry lab on the UCLA campus. Over 30 years ago, I was encouraged by my seniors and professors to ask scientific questions and “be curious”. My early experiences reinforced the value of mentorship and team science. From the initial projects focused on developing computer code for ECG analysis to now, I hope to support an environment of collaboration and personal development. We have continuously built upon and expanded our scientific capabilities, growing into a multidisciplinary group addressing a range of questions in the delivery and implementation of healthcare.

CORELAB now spans the spectrum from health services research and data analytics to development of catheters and sensors for use in cardiovascular applications. Our trainees remain on the cutting edge of their focus areas as we explore new frontiers of scientific discovery and healthcare equity.

Our graduates have contributed to the collective knowledge in the areas of surgery and cardiovascular conditions, all while enriching the academic environment of our lab. Many have embarked on their own journeys in a variety of surgical and medical specialties while pursuing their academic interests. 

Our laboratory fosters curiosity-driven efforts, instills the value of hard work in teams, and is recognized for its ability to mentor learners of all backgrounds. Solving problems that may be heuristic in origin or translational with meaningful societal impact, is our mission. Located on the UCLA campus and in the center of a diverse metropolis, CORELAB encourages each of us to think, analyze and imagine. The pursuit of breakthroughs will change our world for the better.


Peyman Benharash, MD