The Heartbeat Behind Our Mission

At the CORELAB, we are driven by a shared passion for the pursuit of success. We have established a collaborative working environment that has brought together diverse individuals from various training levels. Our lab is a team of fellows, residents, visiting graduate researchers, physician collaborators, medical students, and undergraduates.

As the CORELAB family continues to grow, we recognize that our progress would not be possible without the dedication and unwavering support of our wonderful alumni.

Residents & Fellows

Nikhil Chervu, MD - Resident CORELAB
Nikhil Chervu, MD
Joseph Hadaya, MD
Joseph Hadaya, MD
Yas Sanaiha, MD
Yas Sanaiha, MD

Visiting Researchers

Headshot of Dr. Mallick
Saad Mallick, MD

Medical Students

Nam Yong Cho, Troy Coaston, Shayan Ebrahimian, Ellis Gao, Nguyen Le, Ayesha Ng, Giselle Porter, Sara Sakowitz, and Amulya Vadlakonda.


Konmal Ali, Jeffrey Balian, and Barzin Badiee.


Nameer Ascandar, James Antonios, Esteban Auayo, Shahyan Bakhtiyar, Mario Cale, Vishal Dobaria, Amit Iyengar, Krystal Karunungan, Rustin Kashani, Cory Lee, Alexandra Mardock, Josef Madrigal, Aditya Mantha, Imani McElroy, Morcos Nakhla, Sohail Sareh, Young-Ji Seo, Zachary Tran, Ramsey Ugarte, Arjun Verma, and Catherine Williamson.