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Karen Woo
Karen Woo, MD, MS, PhD

Decisions about vascular access in patients with end-stage kidney disease (ESKD) who use hemodialysis for kidney replacement can strongly affect need for future medical care related to the vascular access and the patients' quality of life.  Recently revised guidelines for decision-making about vascular accessrecommend construction and regular update of an individualized ESKD Life-Plan for each patient. These Life-Plans describe a specific plan for all of the vascular accesses for each patient for the remainder of the patient’s hemodialysis-dependent life.  Life-Plans are to be developed by the clinician team in partnership with the patient.


The goal of our research is to gain a better understanding of clinicians', patients' and relevant stakeholders’ attitudes and preferences for how the multidisciplinary clinician-patient discussions should be conducted and how the Life-Plans should be maintained. Together with study participants, we will be co-developing a toolkit for implementing the ESKD Life-Plan that can be used by both patients and clinicians.

What to expect if you participate in the study

Study participants will take part in a confidential, individual interview with a researcher. The interview can be conducted in person (for participants in the Los Angeles area), over a video conference, or over the telephone, whatever is most convenient for the participant. The interview will last 30 minutes to an hour. You will discuss your opinions and experiences with vascular access, the ESKD Life-Plan and how best to implement it.

Sample Life Plan


Sample Life Plan - View Larger Image

Patient eligibility:

  • Gender: All
  • Minimum age: 18
  • Maximum age: N/A

Patient participants should:

  • Have end-stage kidney disease
  • Be on dialysis or be getting ready to start dialysis within 6 months
  • Have current or past experience with hemodialysis or be planning to start hemodialysis

Clinician Eligibility:

  • Gender: All
  • Minimum age:18
  • Maximum age: N/A

Clinician participants should:

  • Be involved in taking care of patients with hemodialysis vascular access


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