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Our general surgery program maintains an active Twitter account (@UCLASurgeryRes), where we post about research, talks, events, and anything else residents want to share with the broader community. Check it out here!

News and Op-Eds

Several residents have penned editorials or commentaries in the lay press or general journals, speaking out about contemporary issues. Others have been interviewed by national media to talk about their research. A few recent examples:

  • Jordan Rook (co-author): Opinion: Employer-based insurance is a crumbling defense against a global pandemic, featured in The Colorado Sun
  • Hattie Huston-Patterson and Amanda Labora (co-authors): Op-ed: Local, national government must address inequalities exacerbated by pandemic, featured in The Daily Bruin.

UCLA Endocrine Surgery faculty Dr. Michael Yeh, Dr. Masha Livhits, and Dr. James Wu along with UCLA resident Dr. Rivfka Shenoy were guests on the Behind the Knife podcast to share highlights from the 2021 American Association of Endocrine Surgeons annual meeting.


The latest edition of the department’s monthly newsletter can be viewed here


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