Administrative Core

D-SINE Africa’s Administrative Core implements the vision and mission of the strategic plan for D-SINE Africa by coordinating the Center’s scientific agenda and fostering multidisciplinary collaboration among D-SINE Africa members, affiliates and stakeholders, as well as the constituents of the broader DS-I Africa Consortium. The Core’s multidisciplinary governance structure includes members from all D-SINE Africa’s partner institutions who are all experts in data science, clinical and/or public health. This Core supports the efforts of D-SINE Africa scientists to promote the design, conduction, and evaluation of innovative data science research designed to reduce the burden of injuries and other surgical diseases.

The Administrative Core’s activities include:

i. Guiding research activities conducted by the D-SINE Africa Research Hub through administrative support, financial oversight, and scientific direction, ensuring scientific accountability using a process of continuous quality improvement (CQI) and central management of center resources

ii. Building new partnerships from academic, public, and private sectors; and convene meetings to promote collaboration within the Hub’s multidisciplinary group and between D-SINE Africa and other DS-I Africa collaborators

iii. Providing financial management and administration of Seed Grant funds and overseeing the pre-award process of D-SINE’s Seed Grant Program, including application requirements and grantee selection process

Leadership: The Administrative core is led by Director Alain Chichom-Mefire, MD, Professor of General Surgery, University of Buea, Co-Directors Catherine Juillard, MD, MPH, Associate Professor of Surgery at University of California, Los Angeles, and Salome Maswine, MD, Professor and Head of Global Surgery at the University of Cape Town and Hub Executive Director Fanny Dissak-Delon, MD, PhD, MPH, Public Health Officer for the Cameroon Ministry of Public Health Littoral Regional Delegation. Representatives from each of our partner institutions are woven throughout each aspect of the D-SINE Africa structure and are embedded in the Administrative Core to promote partnership, enhance communication, and maximize stakeholder engagement.

D SINE Org Chart