Serving Healing and Hope to Our Diverse Community

Every day in Los Angeles, 227 people become homeless, and that number continues to grow. Chances are, someone you know has experienced homelessness. 

Unhoused people are our community members, coworkers, friends and loved ones. They each have their own stories, backgrounds and unique life experiences. Our team is dedicated to helping them feel better and live healthier.

The UCLA Health Homeless Healthcare Collaborative team provides care to unhoused people of all ages, genders, ethnicities and backgrounds. As one of the only street medicine teams that cares for homeless children as well as adults, we’re passionate about promoting health equity and expanding access to high quality care.

We serve individuals in shelters, camps, interim housing sites and on the streets. We bring care directly to children and families in local schools and at special events in our community. As our team identifies additional needs, we continue to expand our reach to serve more people experiencing homelessness. 

Our Service Area

Homeless Healthcare Collaborative Map


Delivering Comprehensive, Trauma-Informed Care

At UCLA Health, our specially trained team members are committed to delivering care that is inclusive, culturally sensitive and compassionate. It is a common misconception that drug abuse and mental illness are the primary causes of homelessness. More often, homelessness can lead to physical and mental illness. The true causes of homelessness are:

  • Increasingly unaffordable housing
  • Inequitable access to health care
  • Escaping domestic violence
  • Stagnant wages
  • Systemic racism

We understand that many complex factors can lead to homelessness. Our team uses a trauma-informed approach when delivering physical and mental health care. We’re dedicated to meeting each person where they are with whole-person, respectful care.

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