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Accessing UCLA Health’s renowned physician expertise has never been easier — for patients and physicians. UCLA Health’s second opinion consult services help us serve more patients, in new and more flexible ways.

A second opinion consult can provide expert insight into your treatment options before you commit to traveling to UCLA Health. Our physician-to-physician second opinion reviews are designed to support or supplement referring physicians’ treatment recommendations.

Patients: How to Get a Second Opinion

Get an expert take on your medical situation. Our doctors use secure video-conferencing technology to virtually meet with patients from other parts of the world. Consider these basics:

  • What happens during a second opinion consult: A second opinion consult allows a member of our team to discuss the specifics of your care one-on-one. The doctor conducting your second opinion will go over your symptoms and medical history, to carefully evaluate your symptoms. They will also explain the treatment options most likely to benefit you.
  • Specialties available for second opinion consults: Our renowned doctors consult on a broad array of service lines, providing second opinions for liver services, cardiology, oncology, neurosurgery, and orthopedics. Learn more about UCLA’s areas of clinical expertise.
  • How we use telemedicine to improve your care: If you are considering coming to UCLA Health for medical care, your treatment can often begin with a second opinion consult in your home country, where you are most comfortable. We may also use video-conferencing to monitor your long-term care, when you return home after treatment.
  • Learn more: Our international patient services team is happy to answer your questions and coordinate your second opinion consultation. You can start the process and get a second opinion or contact us to learn more.

Medical Second Opinion Services for Physicians

UCLA Health physicians recognize the importance of providing your patients with all possible options for their medical care. Once you have established an agreement with us, UCLA Health’s second opinion consultation program puts you in touch with physicians equipped to offer their expertise.

A UCLA Health physician reviews your patient’s medical history and diagnostic results with you. Together, you’ll discuss all treatment options and develop a plan that’s tailored to your patient’s needs.

Our international patient services team will work with you to coordinate all the details of a second opinion consultation. Physicians interested in learning more about physician-to-physician consultations are welcome to submit our general inquiry form or contact us.

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