Woman siting in machine at spine center

The UCLA Center for Systematic, Measurable, Actionable, Resilient, and Technology-driven (SMART) Health is dedicated to the research, evaluation, and application of digital and data-driven healthcare technologies that will advance human health by predicting and reducing risk, improving decision-making and optimizing the spectrum of clinical care activities.

Through active partnerships with domestic and international academic and industry entities and health systems, the Center for SMART Health can help bring new technologies to life. The UCLA Center for SMART Health can provide the following services:

  • Advanced data analytics
  • Validation of AI-based algorithms in healthcare
  • Validation of a new biomedical technology or device
  • Advisory and support services for the commercialization of novel biomedical devices
  • Interdisciplinary education and training for next generation of researchers interested in bio-medical data science and its application

To learn more about ways in which the Center for SMART Health can partner with your organization, please complete this inquiry form.