Test tube with molecules inside

The UCLA ATLAS Community Health Initiative represents a powerful and unique collection of clinical and genetic data from a diverse sample of patients across the UCLA health system, driving scientific discovery and innovation.  The ATLAS initiative enables researchers and clinicians to analyze genetic data with clinical, environmental, and lifestyle information to find new risk factors for diseases and deliver the right treatments to our patients. The Institute for Precision Health (IPH) has been consulting with organizations interested in developing their own scalable biobanks and providing guidance on a variety of topics, including:

  • Developing infrastructure to support biobanking
  • Developing a scalable universal consent protocol
  • Developing pipelines to integrate electronic health record information with biobank samples for research purposes
  • Providing guidance on genomic data analytic pipelines
  • Sharing best practices for collecting, processing and distributing biological samples.

To learn more about how the IPH can provide consulting services to your organization on building and powering a scalable biobank for precision health research, please complete this inquiry form.