UCLA offers the following clinical research consulting services to international clinical research organizations:

Clinical Trial Consultation:

UCLA provides robust clinical research consultation services to support international clinical research organizations (i.e. clinical drug and/or medical device companies, medical centers, and, teaching universities). Consultation is provided by nationally recognized thought leaders and subject matter experts curated by UCLA. Please complete this inquiry form to receive additional information.

Center for Smart HealthThe UCLA Center for Systematic, Measurable, Actionable, Resilient, and Technology-driven (SMART) Health is dedicated to the research, evaluation, and application of digital and data-driven healthcare technologies that will advance human health by predicting and reducing risk, improving decision-making and optimizing the spectrum of clinical care activities.

UCLA ATLAS Community Health InitiativeThe ATLAS initiative enables researchers and clinicians to analyze genetic data with clinical, environmental, and lifestyle information to find new risk factors for diseases and deliver the right treatments to our patients.

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If you are an international patient interested in participating in a UCLA clinical trial, please visit: https://www.UCLAHealth.org/clinical-trials.