Maintenance Program

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Our nutrition team can help you meet your weight loss goals and manage your health conditions. For help finding clinical nutrition care, call 310-825-7921 . To reach the Medical Weight Management Program, please call 310-825-8173.

Maintaining weight loss is arguably just as hard, if not harder, than losing weight in the first place. Research has shown that many people who lose weight eventually regain the weight they have lost. However, there are strategies that have been shown to help prevent weight regain. In particular, long-term weight maintenance programs that provide support and accountability have been shown to be a helpful tool for successful “maintainers.”

Our maintenance program involves monthly one-on-one meetings with a dietitian and full access to our group support classes The group support classes focus on the everyday challenges people face as they try to lose or maintain weight, while the dietitian visits allow for personalized guidance on healthy eating patterns.