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Our specialists help you prevent and manage health conditions and meet your goals with individualized, expert nutritional care. For help finding clinical nutrition care, call 310-825-7921. To reach the Medical Weight Management Program, please call 310-825-8173.

Clinical Nutrition Clinic

In the Clinical Nutrition Clinic patients are seen by physicians for individual consultations.  We address a variety of nutritional conditions including weight management, cancer, gastrointestinal disorders to name a few. 

Healthier Weight Management Webinar Series

The Healthier Weight Management Webinar Series is an 8-week instructive and interactive group class designed to promote lifestyle modifications for weight reduction and long-term weight maintenance.  Sessions are led by UCLA physicians and dietitians who specialize in weight management. 

UCLA Medical Weight Management Program

The UCLA Medical Weight Management Program (formerly known as RFO) is a medically-supervised multidisciplinary program first established in 1976.  It was one of the first university programs to research very low-calorie diets (VLCDs) in the treatment of obesity.  Our program features a multidisciplinary team of experienced physicians, nurse practitioners, registered dietitians, clinical psychologist and therapists to implement dietary, physical activity and behavioral lifestyle changes and promote healthy weight management long-term. 

Center for Obesity and METabolic Health (COMET)

At the Center for Obesity and METabolic Health (COMET), patients are seen for individual consultations for surgical and nonsurgical options for weight management. 

Patient Referral Options

1) Complete our Referral Request Form

2) Contact our schedulers directly

Clinical Nutrition Clinic: 310-825-7921

Healthier Weight Management Webinar Series: 310-825-8173

UCLA Medical Weight Management Program (formerly RFO): 310-825-8173

Center for Obesity and Metabolic Health (COMET): 310-825-7163

3) Submit an order through Care Connect (UCLA providers only)

  • In Care Connect->Meds and Orders->type Referral to Nutrition
  • Options
    1. Referral to Clinical Nutrition- Clinical Nutrition Clinic, Adult Enteral Nutrition, Adult Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)
    2. Referral to Medicine, Weight and Obesity- UCLA Medical Weight Management Program
    3. Referral to UCLA Healthy Weight Management Program- Healthier Weight Management Webinar Series