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Our specialists help you prevent and manage health conditions and meet your goals with individualized, expert nutritional care. For help finding clinical nutrition care, call 310-825-7921. To reach the Medical Weight Management Program, please call 310-825-8173.

The UCLA Center for Human Nutrition team is a leader in both research and clinical care settings with the goal of advancing knowledge and treatment in variety of nutrition-related health issues including obesity, metabolic disease, cardiovascular disease and cancer.  By understanding the effects of nutrients on the human body through research, we aim to translate this to the clinical practice in the care of our patients.

Emeritus Faculty

David Heber
David Heber, MD, PhD
Co-Founder of UCLA Center for Human Nutrition
Vay Liang Go
Vay Liang Go, MD
Co-Founder of UCLA Center for Human Nutrition

Basic Scientist

Jieping Yang
Jieping Yang, PhD
Lab Director
Onkei Lei
Post Doc
Hila Zelicha
Post Doc (Effective May 2024)

Lab Staff

Jianjun Huang
Lab Tech
Rupo Lee
Lab Tech, Chemistry
Mario Vega
Senior Lab Tech, Microbiology/Immunology

Basic Research Staff

Irene Gilbuena, LVN, Clinical Nutrition
Irene Gilbuena, LVN
Nurse Coordinator
Jeraldine Guzman
Medical Assistant, Study Coordinator
Molica Arana, Lead Study Coordinator, Clinical Nutrition
Molica Arana
Lead Study Coordinator
Kimberly Ramirez
Study Coordinator
Kevin Kim, Study Coordinator, Clinical Nutrition
Kevin Kim
Study Coordinator

Administrative Staff

Mayara Bledsoe
Fund Manager
Puneet (Pri) Samra
Administrative Assistant III/Purchaser