How to Refer a Patient

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The UCLA digestive diseases team cares for routine and complex gastrointestinal problems. To learn more about our services, call 310-825-2631.

Our partnership with health professionals in the community is key to our success at UCLA Health. It is our goal to assist you with referring a patient to UCLA and ensure they receive the care they need.

By Phone

Our Locations

We have GI locations across Los Angeles County to serve you

By Fax

Our motility and interventional endoscopy services offer referral forms that can be filled out online and faxed to the appropriate service.

  1. The form serves as fax cover sheet and physician order.
  2. Once the information is completed just fax the form, with records and insurance information, to the number is listed at the bottom of the form.
  3. Please feel free to download the form as you can type directly onto the pdf or make copies for your files.