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Taking Collaborations to a Different Level

At UCLA our goal is to galvanize research at the interface of cardiovascular disease, metabolism and inflammation. Here is what makes us special


We have amazing team science:

Atherosclerosis Research Unit

At the Program Project Grant at Atherosclerosis Research Unit, the focus is on the artery wall metabolism as it relates to inflammation and cardiovascular diseases.

image of an heart artery with covid

Cardiovascular Theme

We have a team of cardiovascular research scientists who are fully committed to clinical care, discovery science and engineering, community outreach and education.

metabolism research in lab

Metabolism Theme

UCLA Metabolism Theme investigators and physicians have ideas and evidence about how metabolic processes can be reset in some disorders, potentially creating pathways for improved treatments and possible cures.

collage of the I3T group

I3T Research Theme

UCLA faculty have developed best-in-class T-cell therapies for fighting and beating cancer and for world-leading transplant programs. They have uncovered and invented new ways to prevent and treat infection to meet the challenge of antibiotic resistance.

Investigator Spotlight

We have world-class faculty:

Gregg C. Fonarow, MD

Gregg C. Fonarow, MD


Chief (Interim), UCLA Division of Cardiology

Director, Ahmanson-UCLA Cardiomyopathy Center

Co-Director, UCLA Preventative Cardiology Program

The Eliot Corday Chair in Cardiovascular Medicine and Science

Headshot of Andrea Hevener in Black Blazer

Andrea Hevener, PhD

Professor-in-Residence, Medicine, University of California Los Angeles

Sidney Roberts and Clara Szego Roberts Endowed Chair in Molecular/Cellular Endocrinology

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