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UCLA Health offers outstanding multidisciplinary programs in cardiovascular prevention to help patients achieve their goals. Learn about our programs below:




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UCLA Lipid Center

The main hub for cardiovascular risk assessment and cardiometabolic risk factor mitigation.

UCLA Fatty Liver Clinic

Patients with fatty liver disease are at high risk for experiencing a cardiovascular event. This multidisciplinary clinic includes a liver specialist, endocrinologist and nutritionist who provide personalized care to help you reduce your cardiovascular health risk.

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CardioRheum Program

Patients with rheumatologic conditions like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis are at higher risk for cardiovascular events. Our CardioRheum Clinical Program offers individualized care for inflammatory disease management and cardiovascular risk reduction.

UCLA ATLAS Community Health Initiative

The ATLAS Community Health Initiative is where cutting-edge science meets reality. This community effort in precision health is aimed at generating a powerful genomic resource that serves patients.

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