Stress & Cardiopulmonary Testing

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Cardiac Testing (Non Invasive testing) includes but is not limited to:

Electrocardiograms (EKG) Adult and Pediatric

  • Electrocardiograms may be done alone as a routine test or may be done in conjunction or as part of another test.
  • Routine EKG's traditionally are done in the Physicians office (Primary Care Physician or Cardiologist).
  • SAEKG - These specialized EKG's are done on patients' pre and post specific types of Electrophysiology Ablations (procedure for correcting a Cardiac arrhythmia). (Link to Arrhythmia Center).
  • All EKG's give valuable information about the Hearts Rhythm and can reveal whether or not a disruption in the heart has occurred. Example: Acute Myocardial Infarction or heart rhythm changes.

Stress Test - no other testing (Echo or CPX) involved (Pediatric or Adult)

  • A Cardiac Stress test is a relatively simple test using a treadmill (or bicycle if patient is unable to walk on treadmill) and a 12 lead EKG to monitor the heart.
  • The stress test is designed to 'stress' or 'work' the heart through exercise to increase its speed to an age appropriate level that may give the Cardiologist valuable information about your cardiac status.
  • Blood pressure is checked throughout the procedure for parameters that show appropriate increases as the heart is stressed and appropriate decreases as the heart goes back to normal state when the test is concluded.


This test is done by using a wand (or probe) on the outside of the chest wall. This wand (by ultrasonographic waves) picks up or "hears and sees" how the heart is functioning. An Echocardiogram can pick up irregularities primarily in structure and function of the Cardiac Muscle (Heart Muscle), Valves and other Cardiac structures.

Echocardiograms Pediatric

  • Echo Fetal
  • Echo Fetal Limited
  • Echo Peds Congenital
  • Echo Peds Congenital Limited
  • Echo Peds Congenital TEE (uses an internal probe)
  • Echo Peds Non-Congenital
  • Echo Peds Non-Congenital Limited
  • Echo Peds Non Congenital TEE (Tranesophageal Echo uses an internal probe)

Multi function Peds Echo

  • Peds Stress Echo with Treadmill
  • Peds Stress Echo with Treadmill and CPX (Cardiopulmonary)

Echocardiograms Adult

  • Complete Echo
  • Limited Echo
  • Congenital Echo
  • Bubble contrast Echo study (medication used)
  • Definity (dye) contrast Echo study.
  • TEE (Tranesophageal Echo uses an internal probe)
  • Long QT analysis

Multi function Adult Echo tests

  • Adult Stress Echo study (Echo with Treadmill).
  • Adult Stress Echo study with CPX (Cardiopulmonary study)
  • Dobutamine Stress Echo Study (Stress Echo with pharmaceuticals)

Other Cardiac Tests

  • 24 hour Holter Monitor (Link to Device Clinic)
  • Event Recorder short or long term (Link to Device Clinic)