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The UCLA cardiovascular team cares for all types of heart and vascular conditions. Call 310-825-9011 to connect with a cardiovascular customer care specialist.

Pacemaker/ICD Clinic

The UCLA Pacemaker/ICD Clinic provides ongoing follow-up care for both adult and pediatric patients with permanent pacemakers/cardiac defibrillators (ICDs). Facilities are available for the complete evaluation of device function, and reports are forwarded to the patient's attending physicians. Many of our patients are provided ongoing telephone monitoring of device function at appropriate intervals. In addition, a complete evaluation is carried out in order to optimize the device settings to any changes in the patient's clinical condition and to maximize device functionality. Both inpatient and outpatient consultations are easily scheduled by calling the number below.

Holter Laboratory

Holter monitoring, or ambulatory electrocardiographic monitoring, utilizes a small, specially designed recorder to document a patient's heart rate, rhythm, conduction, ST-segments, or pacemaker function during usual activities over 24 to 48 hours. Event monitoring allows extended rhythm recording for up to one month. The recording will be reviewed by a UCLA faculty cardiologist before the final report is sent to the patient's physician.

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