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If you’re admitted to the hospital, your primary care physician will ensure that you receive care from a UCLA Health hospitalist. Please call us at 855-488-9550 if you have questions.

Q: Do hospitalist physicians care for patients outside of the hospital?

A: Hospitalist physicians primarily care for patients inside the hospital. Occasionally, we will see patients for preoperative consultation or for urgent care outside of the hospital. We do not provide primary care services.

Q: Do hospitalist physicians communicate with my primary care physician (PCP)?

A: Yes. Your primary care physician is often notified of your admission to the hospital. We also prepare a discharge summary that is sent to your primary care physician so that he or she knows what happened during your hospital stay.

Q: Do hospitalist physicians give medication prescriptions when I leave the hospital?

A: Yes. We will give you a prescription for any new medications you need after leaving the hospital, as well as a prescription or prescriptions for any of your prior medications that need refilling, with certain exceptions.

Q: Do hospitalist physicians refill medications after I leave the hospital?

A: No. Once your prescription from your hospitalist runs out, you will need to get a new prescription from your primary care physician. We do not refill any medications over the phone.

Q: When should I follow up with my primary care physician?

A: We will advise you at discharge regarding when you should see your primary care physician.

Q: Who should I call if I have a question when I leave the hospital?

A: In general, you should first call your primary care physician. But if you have any questions regarding your hospital stay or discharge medications, you should call our hospitalist office toll-free at 855-488-9550. When in doubt — always call.

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