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UCLA Center for East-West Medicine

The East-West inpatient consult service aims to relieve pain, nausea, anxiety, and other common inpatient conditions within the hospital setting by blending traditional Chinese medicine, internal medicine and integrative medicine using a variety of nonpharmacologic techniques, including acupuncture; trigger point injections; mindfulness; and lifestyle medicine. 
Providers: Andrew Shubov, MDAnnie Zhang, MDPayam Bokhoor, MD
Email:   [email protected]

Wellness bundle

UCLA Health Inpatient Wellness Bundle


The UCLA Health Inpatient Wellness Bundle promotes healing in the acute care setting by optimizing patient health through evidenced-based methods rooted in five domains: comfort, nutrition, mobility, dental and general hygiene, and rest and recovery. Addressing these domains will enhance pain management, reduce malnutrition caused by treatments, reduce debilitation from bedrest and inactivity, improve hygiene, and create a quiet environment to promote uninterrupted sleep and reduce delirium. The bundle allows for patients to be in the best possible condition to be actively engaged in getting well and going home.

integrative medicine

UCLA Health Inpatient Integrative Therapy Program


UCLA Health offers a unique Integrative Therapy service designed to enhance the care of our hospitalized patients. The UCLA Health Inpatient Integrative Therapists provide the following nonpharmalogical modalities to help create a healing environment and promote relaxation.

  • Gentle in-bed movement and restorative poses
  • Guided meditation
  • Aromatherapy using essential oils 
  • Breath awareness exercises
  • Reiki

Phone: (310 267-8223

heart touch

UCLA Health Heart Touch Project


The Heart Touch Project offers gentle touch and pediatric massage services for children hospitalized at UCLA who meet appropriate medical criteria. Specially trained volunteer massage therapists and nurses provide positive touch experiences that promote comfort and well-being.

Phone: (310 267-8223

massage therapy

UCLA Health Massage Therapy



UCLA patients (in room) and their family members can enjoy a 20-minute chair massage, perfect for reducing muscle tension and renewing a sense of well-being.

UCLA’s Integrative Medicine Department includes Inpatient Massage Therapy to promote relaxation, reduce stress responses, and help you to achieve a sense of well-being.

At Ronald Reagan Medical Center and Santa Monica Hospital, massage therapy is available for patients staying within the hospital system. Requests for an order of inpatient massage therapy may only be made through your doctor or nurse.

The UCLA Health Inpatient Massage Therapist may provide the following non-pharmacological modalities to help create a healing environment and promote relaxation.

  • Gentle, relaxation focused massage
  • Guided meditation
  • Aromatherapy using essential oils
  • Breath awareness exercises




UCLA Health People-Animal Connection (PAC)


The UCLA Health People-Animal Connection (PAC) program is UCLA's animal-assisted therapy program. Volunteer teams, comprising a dog and its human handler, offer companionship and warmth to critically ill children and adults. PAC teams enhance physical and emotional healing by providing a positive bonding opportunity between canines and patients of all ages, cultures, and socioeconomic levels. PAC teams meet UCLA's strict eligibility criteria and successfully complete a nationally standardized behavioral exam, along with extensive training before engaging in bedside visits. Since its inception in 1994, PAC teams have recorded more than 120,000 inpatient visits, as well as hundreds of thousands of unrecorded visits to families and guests at UCLA medical centers and community events.

Email: [email protected]


Music Therapy Program

Music Therapy facilitates nonpharmacological symptom management, developmental support, and psychosocial and emotional support. Clinical Music Therapy goals focus on rehabilitation and/or comfort support through individualized and evidenced-based music interventions used within the therapeutic relationship. Music Therapy provides family-centered care and aims to empower participants and improve the quality of life of individuals across the entire lifespan by nurturing their cognitive, emotional, psychological, physical, physiological, neurological and spiritual well-being. Interventions might include songwriting, lyric analysis, guided music meditation, music improvisation, therapeutic music lessons, co-treatment with the rehab team involving evidenced-based musical cues, creative arts, and journaling exercises to music, and recording/producing.

Contact: Jenna Bollard
Email: [email protected]

creative arts

UCLA Art & Music at the Bedside


The UCLA Health Creative Arts Program, administered through UCLA Health Volunteer Services, includes art and music at the bedside. Volunteers deliver art kits and supplies to patients at the bedside for their relaxation and enjoyment. Activities include mandala coloring, origami making, and journaling. Volunteers also assist patients, engage in conversation, or foster creativity to enhance the artistic process.

Music at the bedside provides relaxing music from volunteer musicians. Types of music offered include guitar, cello, keyboard, and harp. In addition to playing music in the patient's room, volunteers also play in hospital waiting areas and the main hospital lobby.

Email: [email protected]

child life

UCLA Health Chase Child Life Integrative Approaches


UCLA Health Chase Child Life Integrative Approaches seeks to empower pediatric patients to become part of their hospital experience through therapeutic and developmentally appropriate play opportunities, guided medical play, psychosocial preparation and teaching, guided imagery, and the development of transferable coping skills.

Email: [email protected] or Tracey Mariano [email protected]

UCLA Health Relaxation Options



  • Spa Channel
  • San Diego Zoo Channel
  • UCLA Mindful App from MARC is available on iPads at the Bedside

UCLA Health also offers:

  • Yoga
  • Tai chi
  • Qigong