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Patients in our program consistently improve their health markers and make long-term lifestyle changes. To learn more about the Ornish Lifestyle Medicine Program, call 310-794-1800.

About Us

The UCLA Health Ornish Program is a lifestyle medicine program devoted to participants’ lifelong wellness journey.  To promote ongoing compliance and encourage continued personal growth, we have created a space for graduates of the program to support and learn from one another.

Mission Statement

To share experiences and offer support for the ongoing Ornish lifestyle. To reinforce the practice of the four-pronged Ornish Lifestyle Medicine Program, (Exercise, Nutrition, Love/Support, and Stress Management) as well as evaluate the progress to full sustainability. To build a spirit of comradeship  and learn about new advances in the practice of Ornish lifestyle medicine. 

leadership cousel
Alumni Advisory Leadership Council

Richard Sassin, Artist and Alumni of the UCLA Health Ornish Lifestyle Medicine Program and Amy Lau Herzberg, MPH Business Development Manager, Cardiac Rehabilitation. To learn more about Richard and his artwork please click here.

News and Events

Our first Alumni event was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who made it possible. 

Watch how the program helped patient Robert Treuherz, MD who, after surviving a deadly heart attack, enrolled and was saved by comprehensive lifestyle changes. Dr. Treuherz and his wife, Claudia are featured in Dr. Ornish’s new book, “UnDo It” (pages 8-12).

Get Involved

We are currently looking for volunteers for our next event. If you are interested in helping out in any way, please email: [email protected]