Best Practice Alert

In 2016, Dr. James M. Wilson began to develop a Best Practice Alert (BPA) for UCLA Health’s electronic charting system.  The BPA alert will notify patients’ treatment teams to add the diagnosis Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) to their “problem list”.  The BPA will ensure that physicians do not overlook a patient’s CKD diagnosis and prescribe treatments and medications that are counter indicated.  The BPA will be launched UCLA wide in the upcoming months.

UCLA Kidney Preservation Pathway

The signs and symptoms of chronic kidney disease (CKD) can be nonspecific, meaning that it may mimic or steam from other conditions. Often, CKD is undetected before irreversible kidney damage has occurred. In response, the UCLA Kidney Health Program developed the UCLA Kidney Function Preservation Pathway for all physicians in UCLA Health to ensure that every patient receives the same superior care every time.
The UCLA Kidney Function Preservation Pathway is based on national and international guidelines, renal best practices and peer reviewed literature.