Foreign Body Feeling

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Rinse out eye with water
Apply cue tip to eye
Apply tissue to eye
Lift upper eyelid



Is this your symptom?

  • A foreign object becomes stuck in the eye
  • The main symptoms are irritation, pain, tearing, and blinking

Some Basics...

  • Objects (foreign bodies) that get into the eye need to be removed. They can damage the eye. Sometimes a doctor will need to remove the object.
  • Common things that get into the eye are eyelashes or a piece of dried mucus. Sand, dirt, sawdust, or grit can be blown into the eyes. Tree and plant pollen can also get blown into the eyes.
  • A contact lens cannot go behind the eyeball. It can sometimes get hidden under the upper or lower eyelid.
  • Avoid rubbing the eye. This can lead to the foreign object scratching the cornea. This is the clear part in the middle of the eye.